EMC applications and industries

EMI gaskets are used where the conductive and thus shielding "packaging" of electronic circuits would be interrupted due to the constructional situation.

All EMI gaskets are more or less resilient. This resilience allows them to adapt to the size and shape of the slots that are to be electrically sealed. EMI gaskets are thus used to improve the shielding performance of an electronic case. Additionally they prevent electrostatic discharges from penetrating through slots into the case and disturbing or even destroying electronic circuits there. The goal always is to assure that electronic equipment achieves the allowed limits regarding their own radiation, their susceptibility to radiation etc.

mtc provides solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. So, for example, our gaskets are common components for shielding in the IT-field for PCs, servers and peripherals.

Example of application

Variety of applications


Banking terminals and printers


Enclosures and cabinets


Measurement and control


Military & aviation electronics



Renewable energy