New SMD fasteners from MTC: Universal spacer and fastening solutions for fully automated assembly

04th September 2020

Press release

MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH offers with the new SMD fastener series SMF-A, SMF-B and SMF-C electromechanical spacer and fastening solutions for the production of fully automated assembled printed circuit boards. The SMD fasteners are delivered in a blister tape on a roll and are equipped with a Kapton® assembly aid. Thus, the components can be placed on the printed circuit board quickly and precisely using the pick & place method. The Kapton® foil serves as a suction surface for the suction pipette of the placement machine and can be easily removed after assembly. In contrast to manual assembly with conventional spacer and fastening bolts, MTC's SMD fasteners save valuable time in production and enable a particularly reliable and safe assembly workflow. In addition, the tin coating guarantees in the subsequent standard reflow soldering process excellent soldering properties for electrically conductive and mechanically resilient connections with high holding force and torque. The new SMD fasteners are available in a wide range of variants and are ideal for cost-effective mounting of boards and components or as simple spacers for distances between 0.9 and 12 mm. Depending on the design and application, electrical signals can be forwarded, ground connections can be ensured and the thermal connection for thermal management can be realized.

Extensive standard range for SMD fasteners
Various base materials are available for the SMD fasteners from MTC. A brass alloy or copper offer improved electrical conductivity, whereas cheaper free-cutting steel is used for purely mechanical applications. As an alternative to the standard tin coating, which ensures optimal solderability and adhesion, a gold coating can be selected for increased corrosion protection. MTC offers numerous product variants, which are divided into three basic types and are available in various lengths and diameters:

  • SMD fastener type A: With positioning aid, with thread (SMF-A series)
  • SMD fastener type B: Without positioning aid, with thread (SMF-B series)
  • SMD fastener type C: With positioning aid, without thread (SMF-C series)

The threads and drillings are used for the attachment of complete (sandwich) boards as well as for the permanently secure mounting of individual components on the board. The positioning aid in shoulder form facilitates centering and the secure insertion into the board bore hole. In the version with through-hole without thread, the SMD fastener serves, among other things, as guide and stop for the screw connections and for the contact.


Silicone-free and dispensable: MTC introduces a new 1K gap filler for optimized heat management

11th May 2020

Press release

With the new TCTP series, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH presents a silicone-free, thermally conductive one-component gap filler based on acrylic. The dispensable paste offers a very high thermal conductivity and can be used in applications where the use of silicone is critical. For example, at car manufacturers it is imperative to avoid silicone, because of outgassing issues, until the end of painting plant. This is to ensure the optimum adhesion of the paint and to prevent paint wetting problems.
In the electrical and electronics industry, all contacts (e.g. switches and relays) are affected because the volatile constituents of silicone settle on the contact surfaces and can have an electrically insulating effect, which can lead to malfunctions of such components.
The silicone-free 1K gap filler TCTP is designed for a wide working range in temperature from -40 to +130 °C. It is ideal for effective heat dissipation of electrical or electronic components in a variety of application areas, such as Industry 4.0 / IoT, automotive, power electronics, energy storage, rail technology, telecommunications, LED lighting, medical technology, industrial computers, and so on.

Thermal connection and optimized heat management

The pasty high-performance gap filler TCTP is available in standard cartridges for manual or automated dispensing in dosing devices. This means that particularly thin adhesive joints can be applied, which ensure the seamless thermal connection between the heat source (component e.g. processor) and the heat sink (heat sink, circuit board or chassis). Even with complex designs, the flexible 1-component gap filler compensates air gaps, uneven surfaces and component tolerances up to 3 mm, so that effective cooling can be achieved.
The dispensable paste also gives the developer greater freedom in designing the spacing and shape of the heat-conducting material. The new silicone-free TCTP series from MTC achieves a high thermal conductivity of up to 5.0W/mK (watts per meter and Kelvin). Without using the 1K gap filler material, only air, with an extremely low thermal conductivity (0,0262W/mK), would be available for the heat transfer. Even smooth-appearing contact surfaces between the heat source and the heat sink actually only touch about 20%. These micro bumps and bulges form heat-insulating air cavities. Due to the use of the thermally highly conductive 1K-Gap-Filler material, the heat dissipation is optimized. The RGT rule illustrates how essential optimal heat management and protection against overheating is for the lifespan of electronic components, which simply states that if the operating temperature is reduced by 10K, the lifespan roughly doubles.

High shape adaptability for sensitive assemblies

The dispensable and silicone-free 1K gap filler from MTC enables the establishment of highly thermally conductive form-in-place connections. The pasty heat-conducting material adapts flexibly to the respective surfaces and component shape, has a very good compressibility and convinces with excellent dosing properties. Since when assembling the cooling device the full thermal conductivity is achieved with very low contact pressure and also permanently low mechanical forces act on components and circuit boards. The TCTP series is particularly suitable for use with sensitive component groups, but also for plug-in cooling solutions with low clamping forces.

High security and durability

The silicone-free 1-component gap filler remains tough and elastic even after curing at room temperature, does not dry out and is resistant to water and most acids, alkalis and organic substances. Unopened cartridges can be stored for up to 12 months (shelf life). In regard to flammability, the TCTP series is certified according to UL 94 with a flammability classification of V-0. Thermally conductive materials from MTC meet the highest quality and safety standards for reliable and long-term use and are subject to strict controls during production.

Optional with insulating glass beads

For electrical isolation and as a spacer between the heat source and the heat sink, MTC offers the silicone-free 1K-Gap-Filler TCTP optionally with added glass beads, which ensure a minimum insolation distance and thus avoid short circuits.

Comprehensive product portfolio and technical services

In addition to the presented silicone-free 1K gap fillers of the TCTP series, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH also offers silicone-free gap pads (TCGF series) with an equally high thermal conductivity of up to 5.0 W / mK and material thicknesses of 0.5 - 5 mm. In addition, the product portfolio of thermally conductive materials includes industrial thermal pastes, thermally conductive insulators and double-sided adhesive tapes, phase change materials (PCM) and graphite foils. Moreover, MTC is also a producer and solution provider for components in the field of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).
For the successful implementation of complex and demanding applications, customers and system developers benefit from comprehensive services, many years of experience and extensive know-how. MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH, headquartered in Dillingen / Donau, Bavaria, convinces customer as a global supplier for almost all industrial sectors with its own development and laboratory capacities as well as production and sales locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea.  


NEW at MTC: Coextruded elastomer profiles

24th April 2020

MTC is once again expanding the range of elastomer profiles. In addition to conductive and conductively coated elastomers, coexroded elastomer profiles are now also available. They are characterized by very good EMC properties and at the same time offer a high level of protection against environmental influences.

Coextruded elastomers are produced in a single extrusion process and consist of a conductive and a non-conductive component. Especially for large profiles, this product variant represents a cost-effective alternative to consistently conductive elastomers.

All coextruded elastomer profiles are manufactured according to customer requirements, which makes it possible to create a wide range of shapes, such as hollow chamber profiles, U-profiles, etc.  

Our technical services at a glance

20th April 2020

The MTC team of experts is your competent partner in the field of EMC and Thermal Management. In addition to our extensive product range, we also offer our customers individual service and support. Benefit from many years of experience and our extensive know-how when developing your applications.

We would like to give you an overview of our technical services in our new flyer. Our specialists will advise you personally and individually. We look forward to successfully implementing your projects together.

NEW at MTC: Coextruded elastomers

23. März 2020

We are expanding our product portfolio of electrically conductive elastomers! From now on, you can get coextruded elastomer profiles in addition to constant conductive and conductive coated elastomers.

Coextruded elastomer profiles consist of a conductive and a non-conductive elastomer. In addition to excellent EMC shielding properties, the profiles, which are produced in a single extrusion process, also offer high protection against environmental influences

Depending on the filling material, the conductive component achieves shielding values between 80 and 120 dB, the non-conductive component IP protection up to IP68 in a temperature range from -55 to +160 °C.

You can find more information about our coextruded elastomers here. 


New at MTC: SMD Fasteners

11th February 2020

SMD fasteners solve distance problems - reliable and cost-effective. The Kapton® foil on the top side is ideal for fully automatic assembly.

Further features:

  • Basic materials: brass, copper, cutting steel 
  • Coatings: tin, gold
  • Pull-off film for simple pick&place process
  • For distances from 0,9 to 12,0 mm available
  • With thread and through-hole
  • Processing in the usual reflow soldering process
  • Excellent quality

Our standard portfolio includes a wide range of different SMD fasteners. If you do not find the suitable component, we are happy to design and construct the right product for you. 

New type of SMD contact spring available

04th February 2020

We are expanding our extensive portfolio of SMD contact springs with another type! 

From now on our new type 25, which is an alternative to type 22, is available. Lateral contacting is possible with both types of SMD contact springs.

MTC at training fair

30th January 2020

For the third time in a row, we are taking part in the job information fair "Fit for job", whihch will take place in Höchstädt on 15th February 2020. "Fit for job" is a regional event, at which around 100 exhibitors will present a total of 225 job profiles. Together with our trainees, we look forward to interesting discussions with young people and parents about our training occupations "Merchant in wholesale and foreign tradel" and "IT specialist".

MTC changes to VDA4992 - MAT label

24th January 2020

From 01st March 2020, we will replace our current shipping product labels with new standardized VDA 4992 - MAT labels and thus meet the requirements and needs of many of our customers. All required goods data are stored in a single QR-code and replace the numerous bar codes on the previous labels. This enables a simplified and optimized data exchange.

MTC supports local kindergartens

15th January 2020

This year, MTC is again participating in the "Children's Traffic Coloring Books" campaign. According to the motto: "Those who know the dangers know how to protect themselves", children of preschool age are thus playfully brought to the point of the dangers of road traffic.

We are pleased that our support will allow us to make a small contribution to the safety of our children. The coloring books are distributed to local kindergartens.

Donation for Children‘s Home St. Clara

12th November 2019

For the sixth time in a row, MTC has decided to make a donation of € 2,000 to the St. Clara Children‘s Home in Gundelfingen instead of giving Christmas gifts for customers.

At the beginning of November 2019, the managing directors Matthias Kronmüller and Matthias Meyr visited the institution and handed over the donation cheque to Sr. Maria Elisabeth, the head of home. During this visit, they were able to get another impression of the need for financial support.

„The entire MTC staff is pleased that our donation will enable to make Christmas wishes, leisure activities and excursions possible throughout the year. We are very happy to be involved in this and I think this is also in the interest of our customers,“ says Matthias Kronmüller.

NEW: Graphite foils and silicone-free Gap Filler

22nd July 2019

Adapted tot he needs of our customers, we regularly expand our product portfolio.

To ensure that temperature-critical electronic components continue to function free from defects, we offer as of now:


  • Dispensable 1C Gap filler enables auto-dispensing
  • No outgassing
  • No oil bleeding
  • Thermal conductivity: 3,0 and 5,0 W/m*K


  • No oil bleeding, no outgassing
  • Thermal conductivity: 3,0 and 5,0 W/m*K
  • Material thickness: 0,5 to 5,0 mm
  • Certification according to UL94-V0


  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • High temperature resistance
  • Long service life
  • Use in a variety of applications, good alternative to pastes

More products for heat management can be found here.

MTC is Dual Partner of DHBW Heidenheim

22nd May 2019

With theory and practice to success

From 2020 MTC offers the possibility of a dual study. We are pleased that the local university council of the DHBW Heidenheim has approved our company as a dual partner and thus also as a certified company training center. As a result, in addition to training as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade and training as a specialist in computer science, we can now also offer the dual course "Business Administration - International Business".

MTC is thus paving the way for further growth and early recruitment of highly qualified, highly motivated young talents in their own company, who can profitably apply both academic and practical knowledge.

During the three-year study, the graduate is optimally prepared for his / her career start. A dual study program thus combines the best of theory and practice: what is learned in the lecture hall can be applied directly in the practical training sections.

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) offers a wide range of nationally and internationally accredited dual bachelor programs and is represented twelve times in Baden-Württemberg. With the DHBW, the first dual, practice-integrating university in Germany, we have found a powerful partner and look forward to a sustainable, successful cooperation.

School partnership between Donau-Realschule Lauingen and MTC

03rd April 2019

"People make the difference - in every business. That is why the school partnership with the Donau-Realschule Lauingen is a real win-win situation in our eyes", Matthias Kronmüller, managing director of MTC, stated enthusiastically at the official signing of the partnership certificate. Pupils would be proactively supported in their career orientation and the company would benefit from securing its young talents.

The planned partnership projects provide dedicated students with interesting practical insights and first-hand information. They have the opportunity to explore their professional interests and strengths and thus successfully approach their own career choice and the application process. The concrete measures with which the company MTC will support the Donau-Realschule Lauingen include, among others: Applicant training, business explorations, internships and financial benefits, for example for the purchase of technical systems for the natural science department of the Donau-Realschule Lauingen.

According to Matthias Kronmüller, the high-quality training of specialists in his own company plays a very important role for MTC: "In the future, we would like to give young people the opportunity to receive profound training and are convinced that the Donau-Realschule Lauingen is the perfect cooperation partner for us. As a strongly growing, medium-sized company with locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, MTC currently trains the professions "Businessman/-woman in wholesale and foreign trade" as well as "IT specialist with specialization in application development" at the headquarter in Dillingen.

The school partnership was initiated by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Schwaben, represented by Dr. med. Jürgen Korschinsky, who emphasized the importance of such projects for schools and the economy. He pointed out how important the contact between students and teachers with the professional practice in the company is. As part of the official signing ceremony on March 20, 2019, Matthias Kronmüller also welcomed deputy heat Peter Hüttl, as well as representatives of the staff and students of the Donau-Realschule Lauingen, to the premises of MTC in Dillingen. The great motivation and anticipation of the future cooperation was clearly visible to all participants of the event.

No dispatch of goods in CW 13

14th March 2019

Our fiscal year 2018/2019 ends on 31st March 2019. For this reason our annual inventory takes place on 27th and 28th March 2019 (CW 13).

In order to be able to ensure that things go smoothly, no goods will be accepted and shipped in CW 13. We kindly ask you to consider this concerning your orders and deliveries.

Winner announcement

19th February 2019

"Guess and win" was the motto at our booth at electronica 2018. Many visitors took part in the mtc competition and tried to estimate the right numer of SMD contact springs.

Hannah Egelhof from MJ-Gerüst GmbH, Plettenberg made the best tip and can now look forward to an Apple Watch. This was handed over by Matthias Meyr, Managing Director Sales & Marketing.

Congratulations to our winner!

MTC - go green

22nd January 2019

The responsible and mindful use of natural resources has a high priority in our company. As a result, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH has been an ISO 14001 certified company since…  Implemented environmental goals are lived out in our daily work and are optimized continuously.

For this reason, we have recently invested in a CARDBOARD PERFORATOR that converts old cardboard boxes into packaging/filling material with excellent cushioning properties. Bubble wrap and other plastic filling material are now a thing of the past in our company.

In the future, our EMC shielding materials, EMC metal parts and thermally conductive products will be available with environmentally friendly and recyclable overpack and inner packaging.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable action is a matter of course for us!



Donation for children’s home

29th November 2018

For the fifth consecutive year, mtc decided to make a donation of 1,500 € to the children’s home St. Clara in Gundelfingen instead of giving Christmas presents to customers.

The mtc management Matthias Kronmüller and Matthias Meyr visited the institution in November and handed over the donation cheque to the head of home. According to Sr. Maria Elisabeth donations are used and needed throughout the whole year.

“The donation to the children’s home St. Clara has become an affair of the heart for us and is considered positive by the entire mtc team. We are delighted if our donation makes it possible for the home management to support the children in practicing their hobbies and to satisfy the children’s wishes for Christmas”, says Matthias Kronmüller.

Free ticket for electronica

27. September 2018

The countdown is running!
Be there, when electronica opens its doors from 13th to 16th November 2018 to the world of electronics.

We cordially invite you to visit us at our booth  425 in hall A2. You can expect informative and exciting conversations with our experts. Get to know our entire portfolio of EMC shielding materials, metal parts and thermally conductive products

Request your personal online voucher for a free ticket here. You can arrange a meeting with our experts already today. Please contact Mrs. Birgit Wünschmann, Birgit.Wuenschmann [at]

We are looking forward to seeing you at electronica 2018.

Visit us at electronica!

26th July 2018

Electronica, the international trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications, takes place from November 13th to 16th, 2018 in Munich.

In this year, mtc - your specialist for EMC shielding materials, metal parts and thermally conductive materials - is taking part with its own booth for the first time.

We are pleased if you visit us at our booth no. 425 in hall A2. Convince yourself of the variety of our products and look forward to further news.

SMD contact springs for PCB

25th June 2018

Are you looking for a way to contact potentials or signals of your printed circuit board?

Choose from our extensive standard portfolio with more than 80 different SMD CONTACT SPRINGS or let us design and manufacture a customer-specific spring according to your requirements. 

Our SMD CONTACT SPRINGS at a glance:

  • Delivery in tape & reel for automatic assembly
  • Basic material: Copper-beryllium, other materials on request 
  • Different surface refinement available (standard: gold plated, other surfaces and almost any layer thickness possible)
  • Free samples for standard springs
  • Development support in the form of 2D drawings and 3D models

New catalogue available

18th  April 2018

We have updated our product catalogue with some novelties. In addition to our extensive product portfolio, you will also find detailed information on the following products and services:

You can download our new product catalogue here or in our download area. If you are interested in a printed version, please fill in our contact form. Of course, our experienced team is also available to answer any questions you may have about EMC products, EMC metal parts and thermally conductive materials.

NEW at mtc: SMD contact pads

15th February 2018

Depending on the design, it could be necessary to make flexible contacts on the printed circuit board. Among other things, the radiation of a unit can be reduced by one or more contacts. As an alternative to SMD contact springs mtc offers SMD contact pads in two different versions:

  • Type S: silicone core coated with conductive silicone paste
  • Type W: silicone rubber coated with conductive film (gold plated or tin plated)

Both types are designed for automatic assembly on the PCB via SMT procedure and are characterized by a good adhesion after SMT process.

In addition, SMD contact pads have the following properties:

  • very good electrical conductivity
  • high temperature resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • excellent spring properties
  • plane-parallel compression at all heights
  • soft material and therefore better compressible

Acal plc becomes discoverIE

19th December 2017

Our holding company operates under a new name...

ACAL plc becomes   

The group has changed essentially in the past years. The renaming of our holding company in discover Innovative Electronics completes this change. discoverIE stands for customized and tailored solutions in the field of electronics. The short film shows impressively the background. Click here and start the film. 

Nothing changes for our customers. mtc remains your competent contact for all products in the field of EMC and thermal management.

We have taken the change of name of our holding company as an opportunity to modernize our visual appearance. From now on you will recognize mtc by the following logo:

Merry Christmas

12th December 2017

We thank our business partners for the trusting cooperation and wish a Merry Christmas and health and success for the coming year.

Instead of giving presents to customers, mtc donates to a children's home in the nearby Gundelfingen. We think that this is also in your interest.

Please note: We are on company hollidays from 27 to 29 December 2017. You can reach us again as from 02 January 2018.

mtc donates to children's home

24th November 2017

For the fourth consecutive year, mtc decided to make a donation of 1.500 € to the children's home St. Clara in Gundelfingen instead of giving Christmas presents to customers.

The mtc management Matthias Kronmüller and Matthias Meyr visited the institution in mid-November and handed over the donation cheque to the head of home. According to Sr. Maria Elisabeth donations are used and needed throughout the whole year.

"The donation to the children's home  has become an affair of the heart. We are delighted if our donation makes it possible for the home management to support the children in practicing their hobbies and to satisfy the children's wishes for Christmas, " says Matthias Kronmüller.


mtc continues to grow

10th November 2017

At the beginning of November, ten mtc employees were able to move to their new place of work.  Due to the annexe to the existing building, the office space was almost doubled. Five new, modern offices were created.

The constant growth of mtc had made an expansion of the business premises inevitable. "We will continue to invest in new employees and continuously expand our business activities", says managing director Matthias Kronmüller. "With our new premises and the optimization of operational processes, we are well prepared for the future."

Standard and customer-specific EMC-

25th October 2017

Have you ever faced the challenge of having to ensure a good air flow for cooling and ventilation purposes in addition to EMC compliance?

To solve this problem, we offer you a variety of customer-specific honeycomb air ventilation panels. Tailored to your needs and your application situation you can choose between different

  • dimensions
  • frame types
  • honeycomb structures
  • surfaces
  • inclinations of angles
  • mounting possibilities and
  • gasket types for connection to the housing.

Optionally we can integrate removable dust filters and insect screens.

Additionally we offer standard fan vents as a cost-effective version. This product consists of a 6,4 mm thick honeycomb material which is pressed into a plastic frame.

Three new trainees start at mtc

15th September 2017 

MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH relies heavily on the support of its own junior specialist staff. This is the reason why we train again to be a wholesale and export merchant. Since 01st September 2017, three new trainees are strengthening our team.

The first working day started with a welcome by mtc managing director Matthias Kronmüller and a mutual round of interviews. After an introduction to general operational procedures and a visit of the company building, our trainees are now well prepared for their start in their professional life. At mtc, our newcomers expect a well-founded and comprehensive training, in which they undergo various departments, receive internal trainings and are always individually cared for.

mtc currently trains five merchants for wholesale and export. We are aware of our training responsibility and we want to give young people the opportunity to have a well-founded education.

Gaskets für EMC and environmental protection

2nd August 2017


Often a gasket is needed, which provides both - an EMC shielding as well as an environmental density.

Electrically conductive elastomers of mtc for use in industrial and military applications are ideally suited for this.


Constant conductive elastomers: 

  • Basic material: silicone or fluorosilicone
  • Various electrically conductive fillers available
  • Available as Basic material: silicone or fluorine silicone
  • Various electrically conductive fillers available
  • Available as extruded profiles and sheet material
  • Combines EMC and environmental protection in just one gasket
  • Stamped or moulded parts according to customer requirements
  • Highest protection against moisture and dirt (up to IP 68)

Conductive coated silicone: 

  • Basic Material: silicone
  • Electrically conductive outer skin of silver-plated copper (AGCU)
  • Very soft sealing core without metal fillers
  • Optionally foamed or extruded round profiles
  • Excellent properties concerning pressure and aging resistance

Oriented wires in silicone: 

  • Fine monel or aluminium wires vulcanized in (fluoro-)silicone
  • Excellent contacting of the material with other metal surfaces
  • Available as solid or foamed silicone
  • NEW: Softer silicone with improved product properties
  • Combines EMC and environmental protection in just one seal
  • stamped or moulded parts according to customer requirements
  • Excellent dust and splash water protection (IP 65)




mtc celebrates its 25th company anniversary

19th July 2017

mtc looks back on 25 successful years

Last Friday, mtc celebrated its 25th anniversary with a festive evening and about 80 guests. The company founder Gerhard Bächer as well as the managing directors Matthias Kronmüller and Matthias Meyr were pleased about the positive development of the company. "It's a festive evening for our employees", says Matthias Kronmüller. In recent years, mtc has been able to achieve growth rates of up to 20 percent. The order situation has consistently developed positively. According to the company management, the takeover of mtc by the Britisch Acal group in 2011 has contributed decisively to this.

"For us as city and businss location, companies like mtc are very important because they are successfully moving between a medium-size company and a global player", praises Frank Kunz, head major of Dillingen. Company founder Gerhard Bächer was visibly proud of the success of the company, which he founded in 1992 as a developer for driving school radio systems. "When I withdrew from the business of mtc in 2011, it was very important for me to ensure the independence of the company and the protection of the location in Dillingen. I am very satisfied with the result."

Martin Pangels (board member of the Acal group), head major Frank Kunz,
Matthias Kronmüller, Matthias Meyr and Gerhard Bächer (from left)
celebrate together 25 years of mtc.

Sister company EMC Innovation expands office and production facilities












13th June  2017

The mtc-sister company EMC Innovation expands at its location in Incheon, South Korea and has moved to lager premises as of 01 June 2017. Due to the positive business development of mtc an

d the further optimization of the production processes, the decision was made to enlarge the office and production rooms. The possibility to expand production capacities ensures that additional orders can be processed with the usual high quality and reliability.

About EMC Innovation:

EMC Innovation was funded as a production facility for mtc. Due to many years of experience in the own production of standard and customized fabric over foam gaskets, mtc ensures the highest quality and short reaction times. The delivery of Asian customers is done locally by the mtc-network.

New products for heat dissipation

18th May 2017

Adapted to the needs of our customers, we regularly expand our product portfolio and have added the following thermally conductive materials to our assortment: 

NEW: Two-part thermally conductive fillers

  • Two-part, highly viscous thermally conductive paste
  • Thermal conductivity: 1,8 to 3,0 W/m*K
  • Curing at room temperature

Thermally conductive insulators

  • NEW: Now available in a material thickness of 0,2 mm
  • Thermal conductivity up to 7,0 W/m*K
  • Available with silicone coating on polyester film

Thermally conductive Gap Filler

  • NEW: Thermal conductivity up to 8,0 W/m*K
  • Available in different hardnesses (5 to 65 Shore00)
  • Certified according to UL94-V0

Participation in pcim Europe in Nuremberg, 16-18 May 2017

12 th April 2017

Again, we are participating in pcim Europe, international leading trade fair for 

  • power electronics
  • intelligent motion
  • renewable energy and
  • energy management

We are presenting our comprehensive portfolio of thermally conductive products

on the common both with our sister company RSG Electronic Component GmbH.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to inform about our wide range of EMC-shielding materials and EMC-metal parts.

New sales partner in Austria

07th April 2017

Ineltro Electronics GmbH immediately takes over the distribution of mtc-products in Austria, by what the wide range of our EMC-shielding materials, EMC-metal parts and thermally conductive products can be obtained directly on-site now.

Ineltro Electronics GmbH is a successfully operating distributor of active, passive and electromechanical components and system components. mtc-customers will find in Ineltro an established and competent partner that will continue to offer the usual high service quality.

Your contact person at Ineltro Electronics GmbH:

Mr. Simon Frank
Tel. +43 (1) 610 62-245
Simon.Frank [at]

Annual inventory

15th March 2017

Our fiscal year 2016/2017 ends on 31st March 2017. 

For this reason our annual inventory takes place on

29th and 30th March 2017 (CW 13)

In order to be able to ensure that things go smoothly, no goods will be accepted and shipped in this week. We kindly ask you to consider this concerning your orders. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Company holidays 2016/2017

22nd November 2016

Due to company holidays, our office will be closed from 23rd to 30th August 2016. During this time no goods will be delivered.  We will be available again on Monday, 2nd January 2017. Thank you for your understanding.

New catalogue is online now

03rd November, 2016

Our new product catalogue is online!

We have completely redesigned it and made it more clearly for you. Download your personal copy now:

News at electronica

03rd November 2016

We are glad to present you our extensive portfolio of EMC shielding materials, EMC metal parts and products for heat dissipation. In addition, you can expect the following interesting news:

Visit us at our booth 625 in hall A2 and take the opportunity for a personal interview with our specialists. Request your free ticket here.

NEW: Gaskets for applications in rail vehicles

19th October 2016

As one of the first suppliers in the market, mtc offers

Fabric over Foam Gaskets for
applications in rail vehicles
according to DIN EN 45545-2:2013

mtc’s fabric over foam gaskets meet the fire safety requirements of the International Union of Railways (UIC). The gaskets are tested by an external certified laboratory for the use in interior spaces (R22) according to

  • ISO 4589-2 – oxygen index
  • ISO 5659-2 – smoke density
  • NF X 70-100 (600°C) – toxicity

and reached Hazard Level 2.


  • Conductive fabric with a copper-nickel metal coating
  • Polyurethane foam core (45 kg/cm³)
  • Thickness range: 1,2 to 7,0 mm
  • Shape: rectangular profiles
  • Fitted with a non-conductive adhesive tape
  • Available with Wide Release Liner (WRL)
  • Optionally available with multiple parts on carrier sheet (Sheet Type Package)
  • Excellent shielding effectiveness of >80 db@100 MHz – 18 GHz
  • Service temperature range: -25°C to 80°C
  • Short delivery time by own production
  • Certified according to UL94-V0

Visit us at electronica

08th October 2016

The countdown is running! Be there when electronica opens its doors to the world of electronics.

We are going to present our complete product portfolio as well as our technical services at the common booth of six Acal sister companies. Discuss with our experts and get comprehensive solutions for your company - we cordially invite you to visit us.

Request your personal online voucher for a free day ticket here. You can arrange a meeting with us today. We are looking forward to you.

Be curious about many new topics...

Advertisement electronica in ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS

08th September 2016

Joint advertisement of six sister companies of the Acal group

Release date: 20th October 2016

Medium: FBDI compendium as supplement in ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS issue 20/2016

LED Symposium, Bregenz

30th August 2016

The 6th LED Professional Symposium will take place from September, 20th to 22nd in Bregenz, Austria. In addition to a variety of technical lectures and panel discussions with approved scientists, developers and technicians, we are going to present our current products for heat dissipation.

We would be pleased to welcome you at our joint booth with Acal BFi. We gladly inform you about our comprehensive portfolio of EMC products.

Information on the LED Symposium:

Microwave absorbers

07th July 2016

Do you know the situation that "a few dB are missing" in the high frequency range during the EMC measurements? Microwave absorbers are often used in such cases. However, they represent no substitute for the shielding measures already taken, but they complement the shielding concept.

mtc offers a wide range of microwave absorbers:


By varying the thickness of the material and the filling degree of the iron oxid particles these absorbers can be tuned to the desired frequencies.


Carbonized foam, which brings additional attenuation over a wide frequency range.

Key features of microwave absorbers:

  • Attenuation of very high frequencies by absorption
  • Prevention of resonances in cavities
  • Magnetic and electric properties of the surface
  • Standard sheet size: 610x610 mm, die-cut components are available 
  • Thickness range from 0,2 to 76,9 mm depending on the absorber type
  • Also available with adhesive tape

New standard Board Level Shields

08th March 2016

You are looking for an easy way to shield individual areas directly on the PCB?
To minimize electromagnetic radiation cost-effectivelywe offer our new standard Board Level Shields in three different versions:

One-piece shields for soldering:

  • Most cost effective solution
  • Highest shielding effectiveness
  • Fully automated assembly

One-piece shields with shielding clips:

  • Easy access to the components under the BLS
  • No visual obstruction during the AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
  • Fully automated assembly of the shielding clips, manual assembly of the cover

Two-piece shields for soldering:

  • Access to the components under the BLS
  • Fully automated assembly of frame
  • Easy assembly of cover

You are interested?
Get in contact with us and request technical details and free samples.

Donation for children’s home

 30th November 2015

Instead of giving Christmas presents to our customers we support a local children’s and youth facility with a donation like last year.

Our employees decided again for the children’s home “St. Clara” in Gundelfingen.

“Children are our future, therefore we hope that our donation helps to support necessary purchases especially in the Christmas season”, so Managing Director Matthias Kronmueller. According to the head of the home, Sr. Maria Elisabeth, the donation is used for a children’s storytelling theatre.

The Managing Directors of mtc, Mr. Matthias Kronmueller and Mr. Matthias Meyr, visited the children’s home at the end of November and handed over the donation cheque in the amount of 1.500 euro.


Tailored solutions

22nd June 2015
As an expert for EMC and thermal solutions, we offer tailored, customer-specific products in addition to an extensive range of standard products.
  • Wide range of materials
  • Short delivery time of samples and serial parts
  • First-class quality as usual
  • Support during development and construction


Fabric over foam gaskets:

  • Custom length and cut-outs
  • Also available with electrically conductive tape
  • Chose from 4 different values of hardness
  • Also avialable in a halogen-free version

Metal parts:

  • (SMD-) Contact springs and board level shields on basis of your drawing
  • Samples without tooling costs, serial quantities with very attractive tooling costs
  • Surface finishing possible at any time
  • Cut to desired length is no problem

Thermally conductive products:

  • Punched parts available according to your requirements
  • Chose between different hardnesses (Shore00)
  • Thermal conductivity between 1 and 7 W/m*K
  • Define the adhesive property of your gasket

mtc donates to children's home

02nd December 2014

"This year we want to do something different." 
Instead of giving Christmas presents to our customers we support a local children's and youth facility with a donation.

"Children are our future." According to this motto, the staff of mtc decided to make the donation to the children's home "Saint Clara" in Gundelfingen. We hope that our donation helps to support the necessary purchases especially in the Christmas season.

The Managing Directors of mtc, Mr. Matthias Kronmueller and Mr. Matthias Meyr visited the children’s home end of November and handed over the donation cheque in the amount of 1,500 Euros.

mtc expands product portfolio

05th November 2014

mtc Micro Tech Components GmbH expands its product portfolio and presents the following novelties:

Halogen-free fabric over foam gaskets 

  • The entire portfolio of fabric over foam gaskets also halogen-free available
  • Eco-friendly gaskets, RoHS compliant
  • Excellent shielding properties (> 80dB)
  • Low surface resistance (< 0,08 ohm)
  • Available in a variety of shapes and dimensions, also as punched parts

 Microwave absorbers

  • To damp very high frequencies by absorption
  • To damp resonances in cavities
  • To avoid reflections
  • Wide range of various absorbers available

Extension of the existing portfolio of thermal products

  • NEW: Phase Change Material
  • Wax-based thermal interface material
  • Solid in delivery condition, soft at temperatures above approx. 45°C
  • Compensation of microscopic unevennesses
  • Material thickness from 0.06 to 0.5 mm

MTC office relocation

02nd June 2014

Ladies and gentlemen,

We hereby inform you that our company will be relocating as of 01st August 2014.

Our new address is:
MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH
Hausener Straße 9
89407 Dillingen

Your contact persons remain unchanged and are still available at their known contact details. We kindly ask you to update the street name in your master data.

In line with this, please note that no shipment will be carried out from 25th July to 01st August 2014. Usual Business will resume on 4th August 2014.

The last day of delivery acceptance will be on 24th July 2014. Activity will resume on 4th August 2014 in our new office location.  

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Looking forward to welcoming you in our new office building in the future.

Please feel free to contact us if any questions should arise.

EMI gaskets with conductive fabric or aluminium foil

28th February 2014

MTC’s standard gaskets have a polyurethane foam core which is available in four different densities(32/45/70 and 150 kg/cm³). The foam core is covered with a conductive fabric with copper-nickel metal coating or an aluminium foil.

The standard portfolio includes a large range of sizes and shapes. Customized profiles can be supplied very cost-efficient at any time. The material can also be cut to the required length or modified to suit individual needs.

In combination to the excellent effectiveness (as high as over 80 dB@100 MHz – 18 GHz) MTC’s gaskets offer the following benefits and features:

  • Low cost – high performance
  • UL94-V0 certification
  • Short delivery time due to own manufacturing
  • Foam core available in four different densities
  • Wide release liner for easy removal
  • Equipped with non-conductive adhesive tape as standard; conductive adhesive available
  • Cut to length or modifications to individual needs
  • Delivery of continuous length on reels possible
  • Sheet type packaging (STP) available for easy installation
  • Low surface resistance (<0.08 Ohm)
  • IP rating up to IP 54 (dependent on the construction)

Identification of MTC's fabric/foil over foam gaskets by UL-mark

20th June 2013
All MTC fabric/foil over foam gaskets are UL94V-0 certified. This means that these products meet the regulation UL 94 "Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for parts in devices and applications". 
UL - Underwriters Laboratories is an independent organization which examines and certifies products for their safety. In the future MTC is obliged to apply the UL-mark on the packaging of fabric/foil over foam gaskets. This includes the UL-logo as well as the MTC e-file number and a brief description of the material.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. For further information about UL, see