Shielded windows

Cut outs in enclosures for display systems are quite difficult to shield. Therefore the industry offers so called

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- or shielded windows.

Main applications for shielded windows are display systems like LCD-, LED-, plasma displays, monitors and information systems. As such windows will always be manufactured according customer specifications, it is suggested to select as follows:

  • Selection of the base material (glass or plastic)
  • Selection of the colour of the window (transparent, green, red, blue etc.)
  • Definition of the size and the thickness
  • Construction of the window (butt edge or step construction)
  • Definition of the requested shielding attenuation
  • Definition of the anti-reflection requested (Multi-layer coating or chemical etching)
  • Selection of the gasket type to be used for connecting the window to the chassis

Product properties of shielded windows

laminated die casted laminated glass laminated plastic
Shielding effectiveness ++ + + +
Transmission + + ++ ++
Scratch resistance ++ -- ++ --
Break resistance - ++ - **
Variations of antireflection ++ + ++ ++
Weight - ++ - ++
Methods of contacting ++ + - -

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