Board level shields / shielding clips

In addition to a shielding of the electronic housing it may be useful or even necessary to shield the interference source directly on the Printed Circuit Board. This is often required to comply with current laws relating to outgoing and incoming radiation and / or to guarantee the safe function of the assembly.

Board Level Shielding Cans can be made of a range of materials:

  • Tin plated steel
  • German silver
  • beryllium

Optionally the user can choose between the following variations:

  • One-piece shields
  • Two-piece shields (frame and cover)
  • -compatible shielding clips and separate covers

One-piece shields are a metallic shielding consisting of five sides. The sixth side is determined by the connection to the electrical grounding path on the PCB.

Two-piece shields are divided into the so-called fence and the cover. The advantage of this is that the cover can be belatedly fitted (e. g. after the alignment of a component).

One-piece and two-piece shields are mounted on the PCB using either THT or technology.

Besides standard Board Level Shields MTC can also supply shielding housings which are specially designed to your specifications.

Whether they are for prototypes or for mass production, in small or large quantities, shielding covers are a low cost way of providing a direct shield for your printed circuit board to prevent radiation.

To avoid heat and associated disorders of the components it is recommended to provide air-holes in the cover.

-compatible shielding clips offer the advantage that they can be installed individually on the printed circuit board and thus establish a „fitting“ for
the shielding cover.
Depending on the size of the area to shield the usage of one or more clips per side is recommended.

Shielding clips are made of tin plated steel and are supplied in belt.

In addition to this product range MTC offers the possibility to integrate a thermally conductive gap filler in the shielding cover if a high heat dissipation is required.

If a higher shielding effect in the high-frequency range is required the same is possible by integrating microwave absorbers in the shielding cover.


Dimension (mm) 0,5 - 3,0 +/- 0,1
3,1 - 6,0 +/- 0,1
6,1 - 30,0 +/- 0,2
30,1 - 120,0 +/- 0,3
120,1 - 400,0 +/- 0,5
400,1 - 1000 +/- 0,8

In general, the tolerance class DIN ISO 2768-mk applies to board level shields.

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