Contact springs

application examples

Contact strips are used to close and shield gaps between two surfaces. For optimum shielding performance, the contact strip should be able to close the minimal and maximal gap.

Material properties of contact springs

Contact strips are made of beryllium copper, a material that offers excellent spring characteristics in combination with a high material strength. Further advantages are corrosion resistance and self cleaning of contacts by opening and closing.

Beryllium copper is resistant against air, ozone, solvent, UV light and even against nuclear radiation. It can be used over a wide temperature range and shows excellent thermal and electric conductivity. In comparison to other EMI/RFI gaskets, contact strips are lighter and require less closing force. They are also inflammable and free from outgassing.

Different contact springs

Available in a variety of surfaces

The wide profile range in combination with several mounting methods creates an universal shielding gasket. The easiest mounting methods are clip-on and the type using a double sided pressures sensitive adhesive tape.

Soldering or spot welding ensure very good grounding and contact. Generally the electrochemical reaction should be considered to avoid galvanic corrosion. In many cases it is recommended to use special surface treatment (i.e. tin plating) to get closer in the electrochemical potential chart.

As standard contact strips are supplied in bright clean surface (copper). On request a surface finish like tin plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating etc. can be applied.

When using the correct compression force the contacts will not be damaged and thereby maintain their spring characteristic.

Standard or customized contact springs

Our standard program already offers a huge variety of contact strips. Of course we can also supply customized or modified standard contact strips. Based on a drawing and a description about the installation situation we quote a matching contact strip.

Contact springs type Clip-on

Surface material

Our contact springs are available with following coating:
  • BL = blank
  • AU = gold plated
  • AG = silver plated
  • SN = tin matt
  • BSN = tin bright
  • NI = nickel matt
  • BNI = nickel bright

Tolerances (mm)

< 8 mm +/- 0,1
8 to 25 mm +/- 0,15
25 to 80 mm +/- 0,25
80 to 250 mm +/- 0,4
250 to 800 mm +/- 0,5
> 800 mm +/-1,5
Angle +/- 4°