Graphite foils

interface materials consist of pure or synthetic and are excellent for heat dissipation. Due to their natural softness, they adapt perfectly to the contact surfaces even under little pressure, expelling air pockets and greatly reducing thermal contact resistance (and consequently, total thermal transfer resistance).

foils have no electrical insulation. They combine high thermal conductivity with low thermal contact resistance. They represent an alternative to conventional thermal conductive pastes.

  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • High temperature resistance
  • Use in a variety of applications
  • Long service life

More details about graphite foils.

The tolerances for our foils can be found here.

TCGR series

Property TCGR Unit
Material thickness 0,017 - 0,5 mm
Working temperature -40 to 400 °C
Thermal conductivity X-Y-axis 240 - 1500 W/m*K
Thermal conductivity Z-axis 5-12 W/m*K
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Due to the wide range of choices, graphite foils are only available specifically on request. Our experts look forward to advising you on product identification.

You can get a quick overview of our comprehensive range of thermally conductive materials in our thermal product overview.

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