Fleece tapes

Conductive fleece tapes are metallized with copper and tin and have an extremely good conductivity and a high corrosion protection. They can be cut to width starting at 6 mm. The tapes are supplied with a conductive adhesive as standard.

Fleece tapes can be supplied with or without mask which serves as protective cover if powder coating or paint finishing is intended.

  • Standard roll length: 33 m
  • Available in a width range from 6 to 50 mm as standard
  • Additional widths on request
  • Flexible, high tension fleece material
  • Conductive adhesive tape as standard
  • Available with or without mask

More details about conductive tapes.

The tolerances for our conductive tapes can be found here.

RUF series

Width Roll length Mask Item no. Data sheet
8mm 33m without mask RUF-8xR33-C-MO
10mm 33m without mask RUF-10xR33-C-MO
20mm 33m without mask RUF-20xR33-C-MO
38mm 33m without mask RUF-38xR33-C-MO
50mm 33m without mask RUF-50xR33-C-MO
6mm 33m 4mm RUF-6xR33-C-MX
10mm 33m 8mm RUF-10xR33-C-MX
12,7mm 33m 10mm RUF-12,7xR33-C-MX
20mm 33m 16mm RUF-20xR33-C-MX
25mm 33m 21mm RUF-25xR33-C-MX
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