Test and analysis

  • Test und Analyse
    Test & analysis
    High material quality and dimensional accuracy through strict quality management

Our strict quality and safety management ensures the consistently high material quality and dimensional accuracy of your standard and individual products.

Mechanical and optical test procedures
  • Optical measurement of the test pieces
  • Validation of the simulation results
  • Material comparisons
  • Detailed material analysis

Your customer-specific products go through extensive mechanical and optical test procedures in MTC's in-house test laboratory. Our exact force deflection measurements provide you with high-precision measurement data for an optimal implementation of the components in your application.

Product tests and component analysis
  • Force displacement measurement
  • Spring force and deflection tests
  • Spring cycle tests
  • Shore hardness measurement
  • Tensile tests
  • Surface resistance measurement

With high-end measuring devices, we validate and refine the calculation results of the FEA / FEM simulation using hand-made samples. We manufacture these samples for you without additional tool costs!

Validation of prototypes
  • Validation of simulation results 
  • Testing of soldered joints
  • Determination of spring characteristics
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