Triangular profiles

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Our fabric/foil over foam gaskets offer the following advantages:
  • Short delivery time by own manufacturing
  • Available with different degrees of foam hardness
  • Available with adhesive tape
  • Available with several tapes for special applications
  • Available with Cu/Ni coated fabric (standard) and other coatings
  • Fabric over foam gaskets are also available in a halogen free version


Item number Width (A) Height (B) Standard tape width (C, D, E) Datenblatt CuNi Datenblatt AL
DTR9,1x3,5 9,1 3,5 2 x 2,5 (pdf) (pdf)
DTR10x2,3 10,0 2,3 3 x 2,5 (pdf) (pdf)
DTR10x3,2 10,0 3,2 3 x 2,5 (pdf) (pdf)
DTA10x4,5 10,0 4,5 3 x 2,5 (pdf) (pdf)
DTA12,7x3,2 12,7 3,2 2 x 3,0 / 1 x 4,5 (pdf) (pdf)

Other dimensions on request.

  • Adhesive tape D is electrically conductive.
  • Optimal for use with μTCA & ATCA plug-in modules.

Please note: Due to less adhesive power of the conductive adhesive - compared to the non-conductive adhesive - the conductive adhesive is only an assembling aid.