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Coextruded profiles consist of a conductive and a non-conductive component. They are produced in a single process and offer very good shielding properties as well as high protection against environmental influences.

Coextruded elastomers are produced according to customer requirements. Various shapes are available. Fluorosilicone can also be used for applications with oil or fuels.

  • Combi-gasket for EMC and environmental protection 
  • Highest environmetal protection (up to IP68) of the non-conductive area
  • Use of fluorosilicone if material should be resistant against aggressive substances
  • Cost-effective solution compared to two separate gaskets
  • Customer-specific manufacturing

More details about conductive elastomers

Basic material:

  • Silicone
  • Fluorosilicone


  • Nickel plated graphite (NIC)
  • Silver plated glass (AGGL)
  • Silver plated copper (AGCU)
  • Silver plated aluminium (AGAL)


  • Width of gasket: 2 - 10 mm ± 0,15 mm
  • Height of conductive component: 1,98 - 17,5 mm ± 0,15 mm
  • Height of non-conductive component: 2 - 18 mm ± 0,15 mm
  • Diameter of hollow chamber: depending on the selected with and height ± 0,1 mm
  • Conductive silicone layer: 0,2 - 0,5 mm

Shielding effectiveness:

  • 80 to 120 , depending on the filler


  • Up to IP68

Temperature range

  • -55°C to +160°C


Coextruded elastomers are custom-made according to drawing. All shapes are possible within the above mentioned dimensions, for example: