IP/EMC gasket (combi gasket)

Combination seals to protect against environmental influences

In addition to EMC and ESD shielding, protection against environmental influences such as dust and moisture is often also required. This can be achieved by using so-called combi gaskets. Either of the following may be used for this purpose:

  • separate seals for EMC and IP (Intrusion Protection) or 
  • combi gaskets

Which version should be given preference depends primarily on the design situation of the housing or control cabinet that you wish to seal.

Combi gasket

Application of IP/EMC gaskets

IP/EMC seals are mainly used where electronic devices require both EMC/ESD protection and also protection from environmental influences. This means that they are often used outdoors to protect equipment from moisture, dirt, etc.

Different core materials

A range of core materials (for example EPDM, expanded rubber, NBR, etc.) in a range of hardness levels is available for IP/EMC and combi seals. The core of the profile can be partially or completely coated with conductive copper-nickel (CuNi) fabric or aluminium foil. The gaskets can be supplied with or without adhesive tape.

Please note: Due to less adhesive power of the conductive adhesive - compared to the non-conductive adhesive - the conductive adhesive is only an assembling aid.