Graphite foils

Thermally conductive graphite foils are made of pure or synthetic graphite and have no electrical insulation. Due to their nature, the foils adapt very well to the contact surface. Graphite foils combine high thermal conductivity with very low thermal contact resistance.

The thermal conductivity of graphite foils in the X/Y direction (surface) and in the Z direction (surfaces to be contacted) is direction-dependent (anisotropic).

Anisotropy combined with a weight saving (compared to other thermal materials) makes the use of graphite foils in combination with heat spreaders very interesting. Furthermore, the foils are also used, for example, in power supplies, notebooks and power modules. Graphite foils are also applied in aerospace, as they can be used in extreme environments due to their high temperature resistance (-40°C - 400°C) and low density

Thermally conductive graphite films are an alternative to conventional thermal conductive pastes.

They are also ideal for applications where Phase Change temperatures are not reached or exceeded and therefore Phase Change materials can't be used. Some examples for concrete applications are chipsets, memory chips and micro-bga.

Graphite foils can be cut and punched and equipped with an adhesive tape if required.

  • excellent thermal conductivity
  • very low heat transfer resistance
  • good compression set
  • excellent processability
  • effective replace thermal pastes


material thickness (mm) 0,017 - 0,25 +/- 0,025
0,26 - 0,5 +/- 10 %
width and height (mm) 0 - 50 +/- 0,5
> 50 +/- 1,0
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