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    Innovative solutions for EMC applications and thermal management

Computers and IT systems have a very high value in today's world. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the smooth operation of these devices.

Disturbances in information transmission systems or data processing caused by electromagnetic fields or excessive heat generation can lead to expensive failures or losses. In times of Industry 4.0, just-in-time delivery and warehouse management systems, there is a great focus on protecting against electromagnetic and thermal interference and damage.

Processors in IT systems are becoming smaller and more powerful. To ensure fail-safe use of the components, it is necessary that the heat generated is dissipated to heat sinks. Thermally conductive pastes are ideally suited for this application, as they have excellent thermal conductivity and can be applied in wafer-thin layers.

Fan filters are very popular as efficient and cost-effective protection for IT systems. These offer the perfect combination of heat dissipation and protection thanks to an impact-resistant plastic frame with honeycomb material inside.

In order to successfully shield connector panels and I/O shields such as USB ports, monitor ports or LAN connections against electromagnetic radiation, stamped parts that can be custom-made from a wide variety of materials are used.

Fabric/foil over foam gaskets are used in server cabinets. These are fastened in the interior, mainly in the door area and on the interior walls, to ensure contacting of the component parts and thus protect the cabinet against electromagnetic radiation.


The following  and thermal products have proven themselves in IT systems:

In addition to a large portfolio of standard products, MTC's team of experts convinces with the implementation of individual and customer-specific solutions - from 3D designsimulations and validation to prototype and series production. With in-house development and testing capacities as well as production and sales locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH has established itself as a global supplier for almost all industrial sectors.

For many years, MTC has been working together with well-known and market-leading manufacturers and thus offers you the optimum expertise and support for your applications. We look forward to realizing your exciting project together with you.

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