Aluminium tapes

Conductive tapes have an excellent electromagnetic conductivity and can be cut to any width starting at 6 mm. They are supplied with a conductive adhesive as standard.

Depending on the customer‘s needs, the tapes are delivered on roll or cut to length. The standard roll length are 50 meters.

Kiss-cut parts  and stripes are also possible to order.

  • Standard roll length: 50 m
  • Available in a width range from  6 to 60 mm as standard
  • Additional width available up to 500 mm on request
  • Conductive adhesive tape as standard
  • Kiss-cut parts and stripes available on request
  • Available on roll or cut to length
  • Halogen-free

More details about conductive tapes.

The tolerances for our conductive tapes can be found here.

Technical data

Base material : Aluminium foil
Thickness: approx. 40 µm
Thickness (incl. adhesive): approx. 70 µm
Adhesive type: conductive
Adhesive strength:* 9 N/25mm
Surface resistivity:** < 0,5 Ohm/square
Temperature stability: -20°C to +80°C

RAL series

Width Roll length Item no. Data sheet
6mm 50m RAL-6xR50-C
10mm 50m RAL-10xR50-C
15mm 50m RAL-15xR50-C
25mm 50m RAL-25xR50-C
30mm 50m RAL-30xR50-C
50mm 50m RAL-50xR50-C
60mm 50m RAL-60xR50-C
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