1C/2C Gap Fillers

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Our 1C/2C gap fillers offer the following advantages:
  • Easy to dispense
  • 1C Gap Filler also available in a silicon-free version
  • 1C Gap Filler never dry out
  • Also available with glass balls as spacer

TCTP-series (dispensable one component gap filler)

Property TCTP-3,5 Unit
Thermal conductivity 3,5 W/m*K
Density 3,3 g/cm3
Breakdown voltage 8 kV
Available with glass balls yes
Shelf life 18 Months
Flammability rating V-0 -
Item number TCTP-3,5
Data sheet (pdf)

TCTP-series (dispensable one component gap filler) SILICONE FREE

Property TCTP-SF-3,0 TCTP-SF-5,0 Unit
Thermal conductivity 3,0 5,0 W/m*K
Density 3,3 3,5 g/cm3
Breakdown voltage >5 >5 kV
Available with glass balls yes yes
Shelf life 12 12 Months
Flammability rating V-0 V-0 -
Item number TCTP-SF-3,0 TCTP-SF-5,0
Data sheet (pdf) (pdf)

TCTX-series - dispensable two component gap filler

Property TCTX-1,8 TCTX-3,0 TCTX-4,0 Unit
Thermal conductivity 1,8 3,0 4,0 W/m*K
Viscosity 70000 80.000 115.000 cps
Density 1,8 3,0 3,3 g/cm3
Temperature range -40 to +180 -40 to +180 -40 bis +180 Grad C
Shelf life 6 6 6 Months
Item number TCTX-1,8-2C TCTX-3,0-2C TCTX-4,0-2C
Data sheet (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)