Conductive foam

Conductive foam with copper-nickel metal coating

Our conductive foam gaskets are perforated at variable intervals before being metal coated in (metal) baths. This completely saturates the foam and makes it fully conductive (both horizontally and vertically), thus ensuring a particularly good conductive connection between the top and bottom. The seals have excellent EMC properties as a result of the small distance between the holes. 

Our conductive foams are available in thicknesses of 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm and can be supplied with a copper-nickel metal coating.

Characteristics of conductive foam

It can be used in a temperature range of approx. -10°C to approx. +80°C and feature excellent shielding effectiveness in the high frequency range.

Conductive foam seals have improved Z-axis conductivity which means that their shielding properties can be increased to over 90 dB within a wide frequency range.

Conductive foam

Standard dimensions as well as customized stampings

Our foam seals are available in a wide range of standard dimensions. We can supply them either in the form of thin panels which are ideal for shielding large areas or in customized stampings for I/O shielding. 

mtc will also be delighted to help you in the development of a suitable foam seal for your specific application. We will provide you with a quotation for a suitable solution on the basis of your details (sketch, technical drawing, etc.) and with the inclusion of your electronic device.