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In addition to technical requirements, visual impressions, such as mood or spatial impressions, plays a significant role. Thus, artificial light often influences the perception and use of a room in a decisive way. LED solutions, lighting control and Human Centric Lighting (HCL) are among the most important components of modern lighting.

Each technology, whether halogen bulbs or LED technology, produces waste heat. To maximize the lifetime of light emitting diodes, heat dissipation is of great importance. MTC optimizes your application together with you and offers you the optimal solution through a variety of thermally conductive products, metal parts and EMC shielding materials.

The dissipation of heat plays an important role in the service life of light sources. To compensate surface unevenness, a soft heat-conducting material is applied between the heat sink and the illuminant. Thermally conductive pastes, 1c/2c gap fillers or gap pads are particularly suitable for this purpose. Depending on the application, the material can be dispensed or affixed as sheet material.

Electrically conductive elastomers are used to combine and sealing. These products ensure especially for outdoor lighting technology that the complete system is protected from water and dirt while at the same time guaranteeing the necessary properties. For this purpose, the housing parts are electrically conductively connected.

SMD contact springs offer several functions in control modules of lighting systems. The stamped and subsequently bent metal parts can be used as equipotential bonding or as a switching element in control instruments. Thanks to various base materials and surface coatings, the contact springs can also be optimally adapted to the requirements.

and thermal solutions for the lighting sector

The following  and thermal products have proven themselves in the lighting industry: 

In addition to a large portfolio of standard products, MTC's team of experts convinces with the implementation of individual and customer-specific solutions - from 3D design, simulations and validation to prototype and series production. With in-house development and testing capacities as well as production and sales locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH has established itself as a global supplier for almost all industrial sectors.

For many years, MTC has been working together with well-known and market-leading manufacturers and suppliers and thus offers you the optimum expertise and support for your applications. We look forward to realizing your exciting project together with you.

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