Overview EMC-Shielding materials

Our EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) products protect against EMI (electromagnetic interference) - see below our products for more information. Below you will find our extensive product range of EMC components:

mtc's standard fabric/foil over foam gaskets are available in a lot of sizes and shapes. Customized dimensions can be created at low cost.

mtc offers EMC seals based on EPDM/rubber, such as hollow chamber-, clip-on and EPDM-profiles.

Our IP/EMC seals are ideal for the protection against environmental influences such as dust and moisture.


We manufacture custom die-cut parts out of different basic materials. Our offer also includes standard gaskets for D-Sub.

Our foam gaskets are available in a wide range of standard dimensions - either as thin sheet material or as customized stampings for I/O shielding.

Choose from a variety of technical fabric and fleece types. They have good attenuation properties and are also suitable for further processing.

In addition to excellent electrical properties, elastomers also offer a high environmental protection. Stamped and molded parts are delivered according to customer wishes.

Our product range includes both all metal mesh gaskets and knitted wire over elastomer gaskets. Due to flexible production processesall desired dimensions can be manufactured.

Depending on the customer's requirements conductive tapes are available in different materials and different width and length. Cuttings are also possible.

Shielded windows are generally created according to customer specificationsmtc provides laminated windows, die-casted windows and ITO coated glass/plastic windows.

mtc provides honeycomb and fan filters for electromagnetic shielding for excellent thermal flow.

mtc offers diverse fan vents for the EMC protection of standard fans. This is a cost-effective shielding solution.

Microwave absorbers are mainly used in applications where high frequencies should be absorbed. Learn more about our extensive range of absorbers.

EMI (electromagnetic interference)

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) means a signal or emission of magnetic and electric fields that affects the functionality of various devices. Electronic devices emit these emissions due to electromagnetic activity, which in turn can interfere with other electronic devices. These interferences can (for example) lead to data loss and should therefore be avoided.

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) means the resistance of electronic components to interference in an electronic environment. The EMC value is specified and regulated by law. Both the resistance to electromagnetic radiation and the own maximum emitted radiation must be maintained. This ensures that various devices and individual components of these do not interfere with each other.