SMD Fastener Type B

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Our SMD Fasteners offer the following advantages:
  • Cost-effective mounting option or as a simple spacer
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Excellent solderability due to tin-plating
  • Brass alloy as base material
  • Different options (with/without positioner, with/without thread)

SMD Fastener without positioner, with thread

Item number D H Thread Data sheet
SMF-B-N0313012A-SN-SMD 3,00 3,10 M1,2x0,25P (pdf)
SMF-B-N0153416A-SN-SMD 3,40 1,50 M1,6x0,35P (pdf)
SMF-B-S0334040C-SN-SMD 4,00 3,30 no hole (pdf)