Hollow chamber, edge protection, EPDM profiles

As a supplier of shielding materials, our product portfolio also includes an extensive selection of hollow chamber profiles, clip-on profiles and profiles in various designs. The profiles are used wherever constructional or functional conditions require it.

In addition to our standard seals with foam cores, MTC can also supply  /rubber-based  seals, such as hollow chamber, clip-on/edge protection and solid profiles. These profiles can be used wherever constructive or functional situations require them.

The core of the hollow chamber and slot-in/edge protection profile is made of expanded rubber and is covered with copper-nickel fabric as standard. To order they can also be covered with alternative metal-coated fabrics or aluminium foil.  

Our hollow chamber profiles can be supplied with or without adhesive tape. They are also available with several adhesive tapes for special applications.  

Slot-in/edge protection profiles have an integrated loop tape and a U-shaped section. They are extremely flexible and are primarily used on control cabinets.

These slot-in/edge protection profiles are installed by simply being pressed into position on the edges being encased by hand. The profiles are mounted by a clamping effect. No adhesive or the like is required. They are weatherproof and resistant to a temperature range from approx. -25°C to approx. +80°C.

Both types of section can be supplied in any lengths and also on rolls. We can provide short lead times for slot-in/edge protection and hollow chamber profiles from our standard range. If you require specific widths and heights or cross-sections which must be produced using special tools, we have to insist on a minimum purchase quantity to justify our manufacturing costs.

Our hollow chamber profiles, edge protection profiles and profiles are suitable for a wide range of applications, wherever reliable shielding is essential. In addition to the extensive and flexible application possibilities of our clip-on profiles and hollow chamber profiles, they are also characterized by simple and quick installation. We would be pleased to advise you in detail which of the rubber profiles are best suited for your purposes.

Tolerances are determined product-specifically by the manufacturer and can only be queried with a drawing.

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