Gap pads / 1C & 2C Gap filler

You will find an extensive selection of standard or customer-specific gap fillers in various designs in our product portfolio of thermally conductive products (TCP) . Gap fillers are ideal for bridging small, medium and large distances between the components and the heat sink.

As a supplier of gap fillers, we can offer you both standard and customer-specific gap pads in various designs and, on request, also in individual shapes.

The thermal pads are used for heat dissipation in electronic components and are used, for example, in LED technology, in audio and video equipment, medical devices or in the automotive sector. The aim is to eliminate air gaps between hot components and heat sinks.

Our thermal pads are characterized by high quality and optimal thermal conductivity.

Thermally conductive gap fillers, so-called thermal gap pads, offer not only very good thermal properties, but also the possibility of compensating small, medium or large distances between the components (hot spots) and the heat sinks, thus minimizing thermal resistance. The thermal pads act as a thermal connection between the heat sink and the respective components and thus ensure optimum heat dissipation even with larger component spacings. This protects the components from overheating.

We supply our gap fillers in various versions, depending on the customer's requirements. Customers can choose between different thermal conductivities. 

Our thermal pads are self-adhesive on both sides ex works. This eliminates the need for double-sided adhesive tape for pre-assembly during production. On request, our gap fillers are also available in other adhesive variants.

We supply our gap fillers as standard sheets in various thicknesses. Due to our many years of experience as a supplier of gap pads, we can also supply you with conductive pads in your desired shapes and sizes as individual stamped parts. We would be pleased to advise you in a personal conversation.

We offer both 1C Gap fillers in a silicone-free version (see 1C/2C gap filler) and gap pads in a silicone-free version (see Gap pads).

1C gap fillers in a silicone-free version (TCTP series silicone-free)
MTC´s 1C gap filler is a silicone-free, high performance, thermally conductive mass that does not dry out. It has a low viscosity for easy and clean application and can be used for applications with automatic dispensers. The one-component gap filler is halogen-free and provides additional safety in applications where hazardous substances are prohibited.

Features 1C gap filler in a silicone-free version

  • silicone-free
  • easy to use, never dries out
  • good compressibility
  • natural stickiness and low contact resistance

Gap pads in a silicone-free version (TCGF series)
In addition to excellent thermal properties, gap pads also offer the possibility of compensating for small, medium and large gaps and tolerances between the component (hot spot) and the cooling unit. The basic material of the silicone-free gap pads is acrylic. It is naturally sticky and easy to work with.

Features gap pads in silicone-free version

  • naturally sticky for easy application
  • low thermal resistance at low pressure
  • silicone-free and not oil-bleeding


Thickness 0 - 0,50 mm +/- 0,05 mm
0,60 - 15 mm +/- 10 %
Width and height 0 - 50 mm +/- 0,5 mm
> 50 mm +/- 1,0 mm
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