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5G, fast Internet, powerful networking solutions, smart home, the digital design of a city, also called smart city - terms that are now omnipresent and will accompany our lives even more intensively in the future. 

Mobile telecommunication enriches our everyday life not only in the private area, but also in working life almost everything is networked with each other: complete production lines can be controlled from one workstation, intelligent transport systems facilitate the logistic effort and it is possible to work in the "home office" and access company data from almost everywhere in the world. The main requirements for a functioning network are energy efficiency, good range and cost-effective components. Above all, however, the systems must be data and fail-safe. To ensure this, MTC offers a comprehensive portfolio of and thermal solutions.

Improved and adapted devices are the precondition for optimal use of 5G technology. Sufficient shielding plays an essential role. Fabric/foil over foam gaskets from MTC form an optimally conductive connection between the housing box and housing cover to prevent interference radiation to the inside and outside. If protection against environmental influences is required, electrically conductive elastomers can be used as an alternative.

The communication technologies of the future (e.g. 6G) work with higher transmission rates and thus also with higher frequency bands. Due to the resulting increased performance requirements, more heat is also generated within the individual components, which must be dissipated to the environment. To ensure optimum heat transfer between the heat source and the heat sink or housing component, gap pads and gap fillers are offered by MTC.

The connection sockets of electronic devices usually have a problematic size from an point of view. Due to the "large" holes in the housing, interference radiation can penetrate or escape unhindered. By using precisely fitting punched parts made of conductive foam, conductive fabrics and fleeces or electrically conductive elastomers ( protection), the holes can be kept to a minimum and form a conductive connection from socket to housing.

and thermal solutions for telecommunication

The following  and thermal products have proven themselves in the automotive sector:

In addition to a large portfolio of standard products, MTC's team of experts convinces with the implementation of individual and customer-specific solutions - from 3D designsimulations and validation to prototype and series production. With in-house development and testing capacities as well as production and sales locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH has established itself as a global supplier for almost all industrial sectors.

For many years, MTC has been working together with well-known and market-leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry and thus offers you the optimum expertise and support for your applications. We look forward to realizing your exciting project together with you.

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