Conductive tapes

Diverse materials available

Our conductive tapes are supplied as standard with conductive adhesive and a protective cover. They are available in a range of designs. Our customers can choose from the following materials:

  • copper
  • tin-plated copper
  • aluminium
  • metallized fabric and
  • metallized fleece

Depending on the customer’s needs, the tapes can be supplied in a range of widths and lengths. Stampings are also possible to order.

Different materials

Conductive tapes also available with mask

Tin-plated copper fleece foils can be supplied with mask. The mask acts as a protective cover for the conductive surface for powder coating applications. Before coating, the strip with the mask is positioned and afterwards the mask is removed with the coating on it. After its removal, there is a conductive connection to the base plate and the plate is also protected against corrosion.

Copper foils and tin-plated copper foils can be soldered.