Fan vents

honeycomb material in thickness of 6,35 mm and a cell diameter of 3,2 mm is mounted backwards into a UL94-V0 registered plastic frame. conductive gasket (normally a fabric over foam gasket) is mounted at the edge of the honeycomb material. This gasket guarantees an excellent contact between the fan vent and the chassis of the standard fan.

Fan vents come with four countersunk holes, for easy installation of the fan filter to the standard fan. They are applies for the protection of standard fans.

Vent panel material: 5052; thickness of the foil 0,04 mm

Thickness of honeycomb sheets: 6,35mm

Diameter of the cell: 3,2 mm

Frame material: plastic frame made out of UL94-V0 registered ABS

Tolerances fan vents

material thickness (mm) general +/- 0,2
lenght & width cut (mm) general +/- 1,0
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