Tin-plated copper tape

Product image
Our tin-plated copper tapes offer the following advantages:
  • Other width and length available
  • Tin-plated for corrosion resistance
  • Available with electrically conductive adhesive tape
  • Solderable
  • Also available with mask (e.g. powder coating applications)
  • Punched parts available according to customer's drawings
  • Cut to length/punched on roll

Technical Data

Tin-clad copper foil
approx. 35 µm
approx. 65 µm with mask
approx. 60 µm without mask
4,5 N/cm
40 N/cm
max. 155° C


Width Roll length Item no. Data sheet
6mm 33m RSC-6xR33-C-XX (pdf)
8mm 33m RSC-8xR33-C-XX (pdf)
10mm 33m RSC-10xR33-C-XX (pdf)
12mm 33m RSC-12xR33-C-XX (pdf)
15mm 33m RSC-15xR33-C-XX (pdf)
20mm 33m RSC-20xR33-C-XX (pdf)
25mm 33m RSC-25xR33-C-XX (pdf)
30mm 33m RSC-30xR33-C-XX (pdf)
50mm 33m RSC-50xR33-C-XX (pdf)