Tin-plated copper tapes

A tin plated tape is based on foil tin clad on both sides. The adhesive is electrically conductive, thus ensuring secure shielding continuity. The tin layers provide improved solderability and resistance.

Tin-plated tapes can be cut to any width starting at 6 mm. The standard roll length is 33 meters. Kiss-cut parts  and stripes are also possible to order.

Tin-plated tapes can be supplied with or without mask.

  • Standard roll length: 33 m
  • Available in a width range from 6 to 50 mm as standard
  • Conductive adhesive tape as standard
  • Available with or without mask
  • On roll as standard
  • Tin plated tapes are solderable

More details about conductive tapes.

The tolerances for our conductive tapes can be found here.

Technical Data

Base material: Tin-clad copper foil
Thickness: approx. 35 µm
Thickness (incl. adhesive): approx. 65 µm with mask
approx. 60 µm without mask
Adhesive type: conductive
Adhesive strength:* 4,5 N/cm
Tensile strength 40 N/cm
Temperature stability: max. 155° C

RSC series

Width Roll length Item no. Data sheet
6mm 33m RSC-6xR33-C-XX
8mm 33m RSC-8xR33-C-XX
10mm 33m RSC-10xR33-C-XX
12mm 33m RSC-12xR33-C-XX
15mm 33m RSC-15xR33-C-XX
20mm 33m RSC-20xR33-C-XX
25mm 33m RSC-25xR33-C-XX
30mm 33m RSC-30xR33-C-XX
50mm 33m RSC-50xR33-C-XX

Replace XXX in the item number by:

  • KCT = Kiss-cut parts
  • SPS = Stripes
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