Constant conductive elastomers

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Our constant conductive elastomers offer the following advantages:
  • Highest environmetal protection (up to IP68)
  • Use of fluor silicone if material should be resistant against aggressive substances
  • Stamped parts or moulded parts according to customer need


mainly for static discharge, best temperature resistance (225°C), best cost/performance ratio
used when a high corrosion protection is required, good shielding properties, inexpensive
cost-effective alternative to AGAL with very good shielding properties
excellent shielding properties
very good shielding properties, good corrosion behaviour

Tolerances (mm) extruded material

up to 2 mm +/- 0,1 mm
2 to 5 mm +/- 0,15 mm
5 to 9 mm +/- 0,2 mm

Tolerances (mm) sheet material

up to 2 mm +/- 0,15 mm
> 2 mm +/- 0,8 mm
+/- 0,4

Recommended contact pressure

Sheet material and punched parts:

  • 6-10% of material thickness

Extruded profiles:

  • 10-25% of cross section dimension respectively of material thickness