Conductive fabrics and fleeces

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Our conductive fabrics and fleeces offer the following advantages:
  • Large selection of different metallized plating (e. g. Cu/Ni, Cu/Ni-SN, Ag, Au, Carbon), densities and knitting types
  • Also available with conductive adhesive and cut to rolls with width of max. 1070 mm


Fabric Coating Special features Data sheet
RGW-WR-260-PCN Cu/Ni Fabric, rip stop (pdf)
RGW-WR-260-PCN(ATU) Cu/Ni Fabric, coatig (ATU), rip stop (pdf)
RGW-WD-250-NICO Cu/Ni-Co Fabric, for better attenuation at low frequency (pdf)
RGW-W-290-PCN Cu/Ni Fabric (pdf)
RGW-WPD-300-PCN Cu/Ni Fabric, very thin (pdf)
RGW-NW-50-PCN Cu/Ni Fleece (pdf)
RGW-M-80-PCNR Cu/Ni-Sn Mesh, black surface (pdf)