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Conductive fabrics and fleeces

Conductive fabrics and fleeces are excellent for shielding entire rooms. They are also used as shielding component concerning gaskets and EMC tapes.

The basic material of fabrics and fleeces is 100% . -nickel (CuNi) and silver-copper (AgCu) can be supplied as standard coating.

Depending on customer requirements, fabrics and fleeces can be offered with conductive or non-conductive adhesive.

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Copper-nickel or silver-copper metallized
  • Other coatings and knitting types on request
  • Delivery on rolls
  • Available in standard or customer-specific width
  • Optionally available with conductive or non-conductive adhesive

More details about fabrics and fleeces. 

RGW series

Fabric Coating Special features Data sheet
RGW-WR-260-PCN Cu/Ni Fabric, rip stop
RGW-WR-260-PCN(ATU) Cu/Ni Fabric, coatig (ATU), rip stop
RGW-WD-250-NICO Cu/Ni-Co Fabric, for better attenuation at low frequency
RGW-W-290-PCN Cu/Ni Fabric
RGW-WPD-300-PCN Cu/Ni Fabric, very thin
RGW-NW-50-PCN Cu/Ni Fleece
RGW-M-80-PCNR Cu/Ni-Sn Mesh, black surface