Fabrics and Fleeces

Variety of fabrics and fleeces for refinishing

The in-house production of our fabric seals means that we have a wide range of different technical fabrics and fleece types which we can supply exclusively for refinishing.

Conductive fabric and fleece provide excellent shielding effectiveness. Since this is very lightweight and high strength material, it also features extremely high flexibility.

Polyester fabric with different metal coatings

Our fabrics and fleeces are generally polyester fabric. The galvanic plating is made by dipping the fabric in several baths.

We can supply the material with the following metal coatings:

  • Nickel / copper (Ni/Cu)
  • Silver / copper (Ag/Cu)

Depending on your requirements we can supply our fabrics and fleeces with conductive or non-conductive adhesive.

Different fabrics

Forms of delivery

Our customers can choose from the following forms of delivery:

  • on roll in standard width
  • on roll in customer-specified width
  • on roll as tape (with electrically conductive adhesive) in standard or customer-specified width