Overview thermally conductive products

With electronic systems and equipments are getting smaller and, at the same time, clock speed is rising, thermal management becomes more and more important. Heat must be transferred from the component to the heat think or any other type of cooling device because heat causes:

  • slower operation speed,
  • early failures,
  • other power problems.

To increase heat dissipation it is suggested to use thermally conductive products as a connection between the „hot spot" and the cooling device. The connection (without use of an appropriate thermally conductive product) can consist of air up to 80%.

Thermally conductive materials have been developed to compensate uneven surfaces. By displacing the air with a highly conductive material heat dissipation is increased and the module is better cooled.

We hold a UL-94-V0 certification for some of our thermally conductive products.


Conductive Paste is characterized by its excellent thermal properties. Our product range includes paste with a thermal conductivity between 2,0 and 6,0 W/m*K.

Gap Filler are ideally suited for the bridging of small to large distances between the components and the heat sink. Gap Fillers are available as sheet material or stamped parts.

Thermally conductive adhesive tapes are used to glue the heat sink with the hot component. Normally no additional mounting material is necessary.

Thermally conductive insulators are mainly used with power transistors. They are characterized by an excellent dielectric strength.

Our Phase Change Material is based on wax and begins to melt and flow at temperatures between 45°C and 55°C. It is available in different material thicknesses