IP/EMC gaskets

/ gaskets (combi gaskets) are mainly used where electronic devices require both / protection and also protection from environmental influences.

A range of core materials (e.g. , expanded rubber) in a variety of values is available for combi gaskets. The core of the profile can be partially or completely coated with conductive -nickel (CuNi) fabric or foil.

/ gaskets can be supplied with or without adhesive tape.

  • Both - and EMI protection
  • Excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Available with or without adhesive tape
  • Available in any length and also on roll

More details about IP/EMC gasket (combi gasket).

The tolerances for our combi gaskets can be found here 

DKO series

Item number Width (A) Height (B) Standard tape width (C) Data sheet
DKO6x6NI 6,0 6,0 4,0
DKO8x8NI 8,0 8,0 4,0
DKO10x2NI 10,0 2,0 6,0
DKO12x6NI 12,0 6,0 5,0
DKO21x13NI 21,0 13,0 10,0

Other dimensions on request.

Due to less adhesive power of the conductive adhesive - compared to the non-conductive adhesive - the conductive adhesive is only an assembling aid.

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