Punched parts/Standard gaskets for D-Sub

Standard or customized gaskets

Our modern and flexible production enables us to produce our punched parts as follows:

  • gaskets for D-Sub connectors
  • gaskets for USB connectors
  • gaskets for RJ-45 connectors
  • gaskets for I/O connectors
  • custom-specific punched parts

Our punched parts are installed in series in computers of well-known manufacturers.

Conductive foam

Different base materials

Punched parts can be supplied in a range of materials. The following base materials are available:

  • metal-coated fabrics and fleeces
  • completely conductive foam
  • foam covered with conductive fabric or aluminium foil
  • copper- and aluminium tapes and
  • conductive silicone sheets

Stamping parts made of copper/aluminum tapes are available on role.

Our fabric over foam gaskets are also available in a halogen free version.

Please note: The distance from the edge of the hole to the edge of the gasket should be minimum the thickness of the material!

Metal-coated fabrics


+/- 0,5 mm
+/- 0,5 mm
< 500 +/- 1 mm
500 - 1.000 +/- 2 mm
> 1.000 +/- 3 mm