Punched parts

Our modern and flexible production enables us to produce our punched parts as follows:

  • gaskets for D-Sub connectors
  • gaskets for USB connectors
  • gaskets for RJ-45 connectors
  • gaskets for I/O connectors
  • custom-specific punched parts

Our punched parts are installed in series in computers of well-known manufacturers.

Punched parts can be supplied in a range of materials. The following base materials are available:

Stamping parts made of copper/aluminum tapes are available on role.

Our fabric over foam gaskets are also available in a halogen free version.

Please note: The distance from the edge of the hole to the edge of the gasket should be minimum the thickness of the material!

Our fabric over foam gaskets are optionally available in a halogen free version.
Our halogeen free products possess the same excellent shielding properties as our standard fabric over foam gaskets. Please contact us for more details about this new version of our fabric over foam gaskets.

Due to the production in our own manufacturing facilities we offer short delivery times for punched parts, also for customer-specific requests. You will also find standard gaskets for D-Sub connectors in our product portfolio. Based on CAD-data or other drawings, an easy tool production is possible. Our standard gaskets are ideal for connection panels and I/O shields, e.g. conforming to the ATX standard.

Tolerances punched parts

Position and shape of punching (mm) +/- 0,5
Shape of gasket (mm) +/- 0,5
Length (mm) 1,0 -500 +/- 0,75
500 - 1.000 +/- 2,0
> 1.000 +/- 3,0
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