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Lossy Foam Absorbers

Lossy Foam Absorber product series is a lightweight conductive loaded sheet stock providing broadband insertion loss at microwave frequencies.

Lossy Foam Absorbers are designed with a constant coating to exhibit high insertion loss and are intended to be applied to metal surfaces inside microwave cavities, housings, radomes, network enclosures, or antennae.

Lossy Foam absorbers are the lowest cost solution for attenuating energy at frequencies from 1GHz to 18 GHz.

  • Carbon loaded sheet stock
  • Broadband insertion loss at microwave frequencies
  • High insertion loss
  • Application on metal surfaces
  • Attenuation of energy at frequencies from 1 GHz to 18 GHz

More details about microwave absorbers

Material specifications

Width x length (mm) 610 x 610
Thickness adhesive (mm) 0,12
Operating temperature (øC) -50 to 120
Colour Black

Item numbers

Frequency (GHz) Material thickness (mm) Item number Data sheet
0,5 to 40 50,8 MWA-LFA-LxWx50,8-X-YYY-ZZZ
0,5 to 18 38,1 MWA-LFA-LxWx38,1-X-YYY-ZZZ
0,7 to 18 25,4 MWA-LFA-LxWx25,4-X-YYY-ZZZ
2 to 18 12,7 MWA-LFA-LxWx12,7-X-YYY-ZZZ
6 to 18 6,4 MWA-LFA-LxWx6,4-X-YYY-ZZZ
10 to 18 3,2 MWA-LFA-LxWx3,2-X-YYY-ZZZ

Replace X in the item number by:

  • N = Non-conductive adhesive
  • O = Without adhesive tape

Replace YYY by:

  • DST = Die-cut parts
  • KCT = Kiss-cut parts

Replace ZZZ by:

  • PET = With PET film
  • O = Without PET film