Fabric-/foil over foam gaskets

As a specialized supplier of shielding materials, we offer a wide range of fabric and aluminum gaskets in various designs for EMC shielding. The gaskets are available in different profile shapes as well as with different coatings. In addition to the standard dimensions, we also offer our aluminum and fabric gaskets in individual dimensions.

Our aluminum gaskets and fabric over foam gaskets consist of a polyurethane foam core, which is available in four different hardnesses (32 / 45 / 70 / 150 kg/m³) The foam core of the gaskets is covered with electrically conductive fabric with copper nickel (CuNi) metallization or with aluminum foil. This ensures optimum shielding. Due to the polyurethane foam core, our aluminum and fabric over foam gaskets have a high compression capacity and adapt optimally to their field of application.

MTC's fabric/foil over foam gaskets are manufactured in our own production plants in Germany and Asia. We hold a UL94-V0 certification for our gaskets.

Our standard portfolio includes a large range of sizes and shapes. Customized dimensions can be supplied at low cost at any time. The material can also be cut to the length you require or modified to suit your individual needs.

Our profiles are fitted with a non-conductive adhesive tape as standard. The following other versions are also available:

  • gaskets with conductive adhesive tape
  • several adhesive tapes on a single profile
  • adhesive tapes with removal aid (Wide Release Liner)
  • small and miniature parts assembled on self adhesive paper (STP)

Please note: Due to less adhesive power of the conductive adhesive - compared to the non-conductive adhesive - the conductive adhesive is only an assembling aid.

In addition to their excellent shielding effectiveness (as high as over 80 @ 100 MHz – 18 GHz), our seals offer you the following benefits:

  • they are easy to work and can be cut with a pair of scissors.
  • they offer high wear resistance.
  • low contact pressure forces mean that thinner metal plates can be used, which in turn reduces costs.
  • they have low surface resistance (< 0.08 Ohm).
  • seals are a cost-saving method of shielding.

Regarding aluminium foil over foam gaskets small deformations on the edges develop during production. However, this has no effect on the functionality of the gaskets.

Our fabric over foam gaskets are optionally available in a halogen free version. Our halogeen free products possess the same excellent shielding properties as our standard fabric over foam gaskets. Please contact us for more details about this new version of our fabric over foam gaskets.

MTC's rectangular fabric over foam gaskets (1,2 to 7,0 mm thickness) meet the fire safety requirements of the International Union of Railways (UIC) according to DIN EN 45545-2:2013. The gaskets are tested by an external certified laboratory for the use in interior spaces (R22) according to

  • ISO 4589-2 – oxygen index
  • ISO 5659-2 – smoke density
  • NF X 70-100 (600°C) – toxicity

and reached Hazard Level 2.


Width and height (mm) 0,5 - 6,3 +/- 0,5
6,3 - 10,0 +/- 0,7
10,0 - 16,0 +/- 0,8
16,0 - 25,0 +/- 1,0
25,0 - 40,0 +/- 1,3
40,0 - 63,0 +/- 1,6
Length (mm) 5 - 150 +/- 0,8
151 - 300 +/- 1,3
301 - 1.200 +/- 2,5
1.201 - 1.750 +/- 4,7
1.751 - 2.300 +/- 6,4
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