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    Innovative solutions for EMC applications and thermal management

Electromagnetic interference is a constant challenge for manufacturers and developers of cabinets and enclosures.

In most cases, cabinets are the heart of complex and extensive control systems. If electromagnetic interference occurs at the cabinet, this can put the entire system out of operation. Gaps, ventilation openings for air supply, visible areas through glass panels, but also doors can quickly become problem areas. MTC offers the optimal solutions for shielding your individual application.

A typical application example of our EMC products in the field of enclosure and cabinet construction is the use of fabric and aluminium gaskets in the door area, in the side and rear panels and in the roof and floor area. In order to achieve optimum EMC shielding, a reliable electrically conductive connection must be made between the frame and the outer parts (door, side panel, etc.).

With regard to the optimum ventilation of cabinets, MTC offers a wide range of honeycomb and ventilation filters. Depending on the required screening attenuation corrosion protected aluminium honeycomb filters or tin-plated steel honeycomb filters are recommended.

Very often there is also the requirement to provide a glass panel in the door area. In this case MTC can also offer a solution for EMC cabinets with shielded windows. As a rule, these are fully laminated glass panels (similar to a windscreen in a car) in which an electrically conductive metal mesh is laminated.

EMC solutions for enclosures and cabinets

The following EMC products have proven themselves for shielding in enclosures and cabinets : 

In addition to a large portfolio of standard products, MTC's team of experts convinces with the implementation of individual and customer-specific solutions - from 3D design, simulations and validation to prototype and series production. With in-house development and testing capacities as well as production and sales locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH has established itself as a global supplier for almost all industrial sectors.

For many years, MTC has been working together with well-known and market-leading cabinet manufacturers and thus offers you the optimum expertise and support for your applications. We look forward to realizing your exciting project together with you.

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