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    Measurement & weighing systems
    Innovative solutions for EMC applications and thermal management

Next-generation technologies are emerging and spreading rapidly, having impact on billions of people worldwide.

For the continuous development of today's standard, more and more accurate measuring and weighing equipment is needed. No matter whether environmental technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or medicine, measuring and weighing technology is indispensable in any field. To avoid the smallest measurement errors, interfering signals from electronic components must be shielded using EMC shielding materials. Thermally conductive products are also an essential component in measurement and weighing technology, as even the slightest heating can lead to false measurement results.

MTC as a leading manufacturer and distributor of EMC shielding materials and thermal management products will be pleased to support you in the successful realization of your projects.

SMD contact springs are soldered onto printed circuit boards to establish a ground contact to the housing. This ensures protection and guarantees that measurement results are not distorted by sources of interference. Various material and alloying options allow customer-specific SMD contact springs to be developed for almost any application.

To dissipate the heat generated by components on the PCB and thus prevent component failure, gap pads and dispensable gap fillers from MTC are the optimal solution. The wide range of products and variations offer our customers a spectrum of possibilities to find the perfect solution for the respective application.

Cable sockets must also be successfully shielded against interference frequencies. For this purpose, punched parts are the best and most cost-effective solution. Punched parts can be individually designed and are available in various material designs.

Shielded windows are used in almost every application where a digital display is present in the form of displays, monitors and information panels. The shielding effect of the glass or plastic panes provided with fabric or with electrically conductive coating is optimally suited to shield housing breakouts.

and thermal solutions for measurement & weighing systems

The following  and thermal products have proven themselves for measurement systems:

In addition to a large portfolio of standard products, MTC's team of experts convinces with the implementation of individual and customer-specific solutions - from 3D designsimulations and validation to prototype and series production. With in-house development and testing capacities as well as production and sales locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH has established itself as a global supplier for almost all industrial sectors.

For many years, MTC has been working together with well-known and market-leading manufacturers and suppliers and thus offers you the optimum expertise and support for your applications. We look forward to realizing your exciting project together with you.

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