Phase Change Material

Phase change material is a wax-based thermal interface material. It has a softening temperature of 50 to 60°C.

The liquid phase of the material can fill interface irregularities with much higher efficiency than traditional gap fillers. Thus an optimal heat transfer resistance is ensured.

On the other hand phase change material is solid at room temperature and can be handled easily during assembly.

  • Compensation of microscopic unevennesses
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • High dielectric resistance
  • High dielectric breakdown strength
  • Easy application

More details about Phase Change Material.

The tolerances for our Phase Change Material can be found here.

TCPC series

Property TCPC-PI-1,6 TCPC-3,0 TCPC-5,0 Unit
Thermal conductivity 1,6 3,0 5,0 W/m*K
Thickness 0,2 bis 0,5 0,1 to 0,5 0,1 to 0,5 mm
Phase Change temperature 50 to 60 50 to 60 50 to 60 °C
Standard sheet size 200x300 200x400 400x300 400x300 mm
Volume resistivity 10^12 10^7 10^7 Ohm*cm
Item number TCPC-PI-1,6 TCPC-XX-3,0-LxWxT-YYY TCPC-XX-5,0-LxWxT-YYY
Data sheet

Replace XXX in the item number by:

  • DST = Die-cut parts
  • KCT = Kiss-cut parts

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