Thermally conductive insulators

MTC offers thermally conductive insulators in different material thicknesses.

The demand for higher efficiency and reliability in applications with thermally conductive insulation materials is constantly growing. The thermally conductive insulators are mainly used for power transistors and are characterized by high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, long product life, high mechanical resistance and excellent processability.

In the range of products for thermal management we offer not only insulators for power transistors but also thermal conductive pastes, gap fillers, thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tapes, phase change material and graphite foils.

Thermal insulators are characterized beside good heat dissipation also by excellent dielectric strength.

These insulators are mainly used for power transistors, such as TO-220, TO-247 and IGBTs. The possible temperature range is between -40°C and 200°C. In addition, our thermal insulation products are UL94-V0 certified and and  conform.

The material of the thermally conductive insulators consisting of fiberglass reinforced silicone is available in different material thicknesses. 

Our product range includes thermally conductive insulators with a wide range of thermal conductivities. The shore hardness ranges from 20 to 70 Shore 00. More information can be found in our product specifications and in our data sheets

Our TCIN series of thermally conductive insulators is characterized by an excellent dielectric strength and a tensile strength of up to >180 Kgf/cm². The thermally conductive insulators are available in many color versions such as gray, yellow and pink.

  • Wide range of thermal conductivities
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • High mechanical resistance and a long product life
  • Very good processability and high temperature resistance
  • Available in different material thicknesses


material thickness (mm) 0,15 - 0,5 +/- 0,05
0,55 - 15,0 +/- 10 %
width and height (mm) 0 - 50 +/- 0,5
> 50 +/- 1,0
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