SMD Fasteners

SMD Fasteners for PCBs

SMD Fasteners are used on PCBs as a cost-effective mounting option or as a simple spacer. Furthermore they can also be used to conduct electrical signals, for ground connection or for thermal management. Because SMD Fasteners are designed for fully automated production, manufacturing processes can be significantly optimized due to simple and fast assembly.

The components can be removed directly from the reel, then assembled and fixed in the reflow soldering process. The standard tin-plating ensures excellent solderability, but other coatings can be chosen as an alternative. If a high corrosion protection is necessary, e.g. a gold-plating is used. SMD Fasteners are delivered with a brass alloy as base material.

To enable a simple Pick&Place process, SMD Fasteners are provided with a release liner. This tape is used as a suction point for the nozzle and can be easily removed after assembly.

Different versions for different applications

SMD-Fasteners are available with the following options:


SMD Fastener

Standard or customer-specific

An extensive standard product range enables great design flexibility in PCB and housing design. If still no convenient components can be found, customer-specific SMD-Fasteners can also be manufactured. In this case mtc offers the opportunity to design and construct suitable components together with the customer.