Thermally conductive adhesive tapes

MTC supplies thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tapes in various designs for easy assembly of heat sinks on electronic components without additional mounting elements.

The thermally conductive and electrically insulating properties of our adhesive tapes are guaranteed by a filling with special ceramic particles. These particles provide an optimal heat dissipation and additionally an excellent electrical insulation.

The thermally conductive adhesive tapes are particularly easy to process. Special shapes can be die-cut from the tapes without much effort. The tapes can also be individually cut to size for special applications.

An optimal heat dissipation from the hot spot can be achieved with our adhesive tapes. Due to the short curing times, an optimal thermal connection between component and heat sink is achieved directly after application.

Thermally conductive adhesive tapes are characterized by the following advantages:

  • high bond strength to surfaces
  • thermal conductivity in combination with electrical isolation
  • excellent wetting properties
  • high temperature stability

Thermally conductive adhesive tapes are usually used to bond heat sinks or other cooling systems to a warm component (hot spot). The double-sided adhesive tapes can be easily and quickly mounted on almost any surface by removing the protective film.

By using a special heat resistant adhesive, the thermal conductive tapes from MTC offer a long durability with high efficiency. Additionally our thermally conductive adhesive tapes offer a high electrical insulation.

The adhesive tapes are available in different variants with different thermal conductivity and in different material thicknesses. In order to find the right thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape for your special application, we will be happy to provide individual and detailed advice to you in a personal meeting.


material thickness (mm) 0,15 - 0,5 +/- 0,05
0,55 - 15,0 +/- 10 %
width and height (mm) 0 - 50 +/- 0,5
> 50 +/- 1,0
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