Fan vents

fan vents provide EMI protection while ensuring optimal air flow to allow efficient air circulation and dissipate heat from components.

Due to the shape and material of the honeycomb structure, housing cut-outs or control cabinet cut-outs can be effectively sealed. The impact-resistant plastic frame with mounting holes also offers the option of attaching the fan filter directly to the application, as well as protecting the honeycomb material.

Electrically conductive foam seals on the underside ensure that the fan filter makes optimum contact with the basic components during installation.

  • honeycomb material in a plastic frame
  • Contact between the fan vent and the chasis by an electrically conductive gasket
  • Four countersunk holes for easy installation

More details about fan vents

The tolerances for our fan vents can be found here

LF series

Item number Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Datenblatt
LF40-45,5x45,5x8 45,5 45,5 8,0
LF60-66x66x9 66,0 66,0 9,0
LF80-84,5x84,5x10 84,5 84,5 10,0
LF92-97x97x10 97,0 97,0 10,0
LF120-125x125x10 125,0 125,0 10,0
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