Thermally conductive paste

MTC distributes high quality thermal conductive paste for industrial applications. Our thermal conductive paste is characterized by its high thermal conductivity and efficient thermal management and cooling.

As a supplier of thermally conductive pastes, we supply our paste to well-known companies in the electronics and electrical technology industry all over the world.

Our thermal paste is used in systems and devices regarding thermal management. Main criteria for the selection of thermally conductive pastes are the ideal thermal properties as well as the processing possibilities.

The paste is easy to process due to its good quality. Due to the low viscosity of the material it can be applied mechanically and precisely by screen printing or masking technology.

Our product guarantees area-wide heat dissipation without energetic weak points and thus efficient heat management.

As a typical case, the mounting surfaces of heat sinks always have more or less deep processing marks in the form of grooves, elevations and cavities. Even if these are not visible to the eye, the generated cavities inhibit heat transfer by reducing the effective surface area.

Thermally conductive pastes form a thin binding film that fills these cavities and offers very good thermal conductivity due to low thermal resistance. This improves the heat transfer between a heat source and the heat sink of e.g. a CPU. 

The industrial thermally conductive paste is used in the most diverse applications. Whether for the thermal conductivity in electronic and electro-technical parts and components or for thermal management in industrial heating and cooling technology, our high-quality paste is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its special ingredients. We offer our industrial thermally conductive pastes in different types of packaging. We would be pleased to advise you in a non-binding conversation.

MTC's thermally conductive paste has a very good thermal conductivity. The paste can be applicated by screen printing or by covers technology. At MTC thermally conductive pastes are available with a thermal conductivity between 2.0 and 6.0 W/m*K.

We supply our paste to well-known companies in the electronic and electrical engineering industry all over the world. More information about our TCTP-series can be found on our product page thermally conductive pastes.

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