U-shape vent panel

If EMI protection and simultaneous light flow are required, MTC offers a cost-effective solution with various types of honeycomb filters.

Different materials such as , steel,  or brass are available. These metals are formed thin, laminated and then drawn into a honeycomb structure.

In order to achieve the best characteristics, the honeycomb filters can also be designed as double honeycombs, in which two honeycomb structures are placed offset behind each other.

Various frame types also allow direct and precise mounting on the application.

  • Available with integrated or separate EMI/RFI gasket
  • Different thicknesses of honeycomb sheets and diameter of cell
  • Available with flange profile or U-shape vent panel

More details about honeycomb vent panels

The tolerances for our honeycomb vent panels can be found here.

Type UP1
Type UP2
Type UP3
Type UP4
Type UP5
Type UP6
Type UP7
Type UP8
Type UP9
Type UP10
Type UP11
Type UP12

As honeycomb vent panels are generally manufactured according to customer drawings no standard item numbers are available for these products.

On request, our experts will prepare a detailed production drawing for you.

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