SMD-contact springs - Type 11

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Our SMD-contact springs offer the following advantages:
  • Available in a variety of dimensions and shapes
  • Standard or customized SMD-contact springs
  • Gold-plated, other platings are possible

Type 11

Item number H A B Data sheet
FCB-11SX2030031B-YY-SMD 3,1 3,0 2,0 (pdf)
FCB-11SX2030036B-YY-SMD 3,6 3,0 2,0 (pdf)

Other dimensions on request.

Please note: Replace -YY in the item number by the desired surface plating. Standardly, SMD springs are gold-plated.
Other platings are possible:

  • AU = gold-plated
  • SN = tin-plated
  • AG = silver-plated

For reasons of space, we have summarized our SMD contact springs in types. We only use a schematic drawing for the presentation of an SMD type. Die exakte Bemaßungen, Pad-Vorschlag etc. finden Sie im entsprechenden Datenblatt.