EMC shielding solutions for railroad technology: Fabric over foam gaskets from MTC meet DIN EN 45545-2 for applications in rail vehicles

As a leading manufacturer of standard and customized shielding solutions, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH also offers fabric over foam gaskets for railroad technology. In addition to -VO certification, they also meet the fire protection standard DIN EN 45545-2:2013 for use in rail vehicles. The rectangular, square or semicircular gaskets are used in practice, for example, for the electromagnetic shielding of control cabinets. 

In addition to high quality criteria with regard to shielding, materials used in rail applications must meet extensive fire protection requirements in order to adequately protect passengers and personnel and enable effective evacuation and rescue in emergency situations. For this reason, the MTC fabric over foam gaskets were tested by an independent laboratory for the use in interior spaces (R22) in accordance with ISO 4589-2 (oxygen index), ISO 5659-2 (smoke density) and NF X 70-100 / 600°C (toxicity), achieving Hazard Level 2. This means that the fabric over foam gaskets meet the fire protection regulations specified by the International Union of Railways (UIC).

In addition to the properties specially optimized for rail vehicles, the fabric over foam gaskets from MTC are also impressive in terms of their specific EMC properties, with excellent shielding effectiveness of >80 dB in the frequency range from 100 MHz to 18 GHz. The gasket profiles consist of a high-quality polyurethane foam core (45 kg/cm³) which is covered with an electrically conductive fabric with copper-nickel metal coating. The surface resistance is very low with a value of <0.05 Ω/□. 

MTC fabric over foam gaskets for use in rail vehicles are available in a thickness range from 1.2 to 7.0 mm and are fitted with a non-conductive adhesive tape as standard. Optionally, they are also available with an additional removal aid or on carrier sheet. The material can be cut to the required length or modified according to individual needs. In addition, customer-specific dimensions can be produced at low cost.

MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH has been a manufacturer and solution provider for components in the field of (electromagnetic compatibility) and TCP (thermally conductive products for thermal management) for over 25 years. In addition to the fabric over foam gaskets for rail vehicles, an extensive portfolio of other standard products is available for this area of application. These include conductive elastomers in a wide variety of designs and profile variants that combine excellent electrical properties with effective protection against environmental influences (moisture, dirt, dust, etc.). In addition, MTC offers gap pads for heat dissipation as well as components such as contact springs, fasteners and board level shields.

For the successful implementation of demanding applications, customers and system developers benefit from comprehensive services, many years of experience and professional know-how in and thermal management. From design-in consulting and development support for standard products to the complete implementation of customized product solutions, customers worldwide appreciate the personal commitment and expertise of the MTC team. With in-house development and testing capacities as well as production and sales locations in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH convinces as a global supplier for almost all industrial sectors - from prototype to large-scale production.

•   fabric over foam gaskets for rail vehicles according to DIN EN 45545-2
•    Laboratory tested for indoor use (R22) according to ISO 4589-2 / ISO 5659-2 / NF X 70-100 (600°C)
•    Suitable for hazard level 2 
•    Meets fire protection regulations of the International Union of Railways (UIC)
•    Electrically conductive copper-nickel fabric
•    Polyurethane foam core (45 kg/cm³)
•    Material thickness: 1.2 to 7.0 mm
•    Fitted with a non-conductive adhesive tape
•    Available with removal aid
•    Small parts available on carrier sheet
•    Excellent shielding effectiveness >80 db@100 MHz - 18 GHz
•    Temperature range: -25°C to 80°C
•    Available profile shapes: Rectangular, square and semicircular
•    Short delivery times due to own production
•    Certified according to UL-94 V0

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