Microwave absorbers

Do you know the situation that "a few  are missing" in the high frequency range during the  measurements? Microwave absorbers are often used in such cases. However, they represent no substitute for the shielding measures already taken, but they complement the shielding concept.

MTC offers a wide range of microwave absorbers:

  • absorbers

By varying the thickness of the material and the filling degree of the iron oxid particles these absorbers can be tuned to the desired frequencies.

  • Foam absorbers

Carbonized foam, which brings additional attenuation over a wide frequency range.

Key features of microwave absorbers:

  • Attenuation of very high frequencies by absorption
  • Prevention of resonances in cavities
  • Magnetic and electric properties of the surface
  • Standard sheet size: 610x610 mm, die-cut components are available 
  • Thickness range from 0,2 to 76,9 mm depending on the absorber type
  • Also available with adhesive tape
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