MTC expands product portfolio

MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH expands its product portfolio and presents the following novelties:

Halogen-free fabric over foam gaskets 

  • The entire portfolio of fabric over foam gaskets also halogen-free available
  • Eco-friendly gaskets, -compliant
  • Excellent shielding properties (> 80dB)
  • Low surface resistance (< 0,08 ohm)
  • Available in a variety of shapes and dimensions, also as punched parts

 Microwave absorbers

  • To damp very high frequencies by absorption
  • To damp resonances in cavities
  • To avoid reflections
  • Wide range of various absorbers available

Extension of the existing portfolio of thermal products

  • NEW: Phase Change Material
  • Wax-based thermal interface material
  • Solid in delivery condition, soft at temperatures above approx. 45°C
  • Compensation of microscopic unevennesses
  • Material thickness from 0.06 to 0.5 mm
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