NEW at MTC: SMD contact pads

Depending on the design, it could be necessary to make flexible contacts on the printed circuit board. Among other things, the radiation of a unit can be reduced by one or more contacts. As an alternative to SMD contact springs MTC offers SMD contact pads in two different versions:

  • Type S: silicone core coated with conductive silicone paste

  • Type W: silicone rubber coated with conductive film (gold plated or tin plated)

Both types are designed for automatic assembly on the PCB via SMT procedure and are characterized by a good adhesion after SMT process.

In addition,  contact pads have the following properties:

  • very good electrical conductivity
  • high temperature resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • excellent spring properties
  • plane-parallel compression at all heights
  • soft material and therefore better compressible
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