Side-contacting SMD springs

Side-contacting springs are a special feature in the extensive MTC product portfolio.

Time and again, there are applications that do not allow the use of standard SMD springs due to limited space. It can also happen that it is only discovered later in the design process that contacting above the PCB is not possible. In these cases, side-contacting springs (type 22 and type 25) are a reliable alternative. 

Typically, this spring variant is used to contact plug-in modules.

  • Base material: copper beryllium 
  • Coatings: gold, tin, silver
  • Very high electrical conductivity
  • Excellent spring properties
  • Processing in standard reflow soldering process
  • For ground connection or for conducting electrical signals

In addition to side-contacting springs, MTC offers a variety of standard and customized SMD contact springs in a wide range of shapes and dimensions. 

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