SMD contact pads from MTC as an alternative to SMD contact springs

In addition to a very extensive and individual range of contact springs, MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH also offers contact pads as a direct alternative. Thanks to the soft and silicone-like material properties, the pads adapt excellently to the shape of the contact area and thus ensure a pronounced surface contact. Due to their high electrical conductivity, they are also particularly suitable for contacting and grounding printed circuit boards to a housing, for example. Compared to contact springs, contact pads from MTC have a very high temperature resistance of up to +400°C and are therefore mainly used in applications where contact springs can no longer be used. Furthermore, the pads have excellent spring properties, with only a small compression set remaining even under very strong compression. 

Thanks to the special conductive coating, contact pads offer above-average abrasion resistance even under strong vibrations. MTC's contact pads are supplied as standard in "tape & reel" packaging, can be assembled automatically and can be processed in the conventional SMT process without any problems.

A special feature of contact pads is their unique compressibility. This property offers the advantage that plastic deformation occurs much later than with conventional metal contact springs. Even with strong compression, the contact pads have very good recovery behavior and allow plane-parallel deflection at all heights. Thanks to their high adaptability, the pads conform better to the shape of the contact area, resulting in optimized surface contact. 

In general, the SMD contact pads convince with a working temperature range of -40 to +150°C as well as heat resistance up to +400°C. A moist heat test, which maps several cycles from -10 to +65°C over 240 hours at 93% humidity, demonstrated in the laboratory that MTC's contact pads are also suitable for long-term use under demanding environmental conditions. In addition, extensive tests revealed very low outgassing values of TML<0.05% at +85°C and TML<0.9% at +400°C.

The contact pads are available in two different variants, type S and type W. The two types have a non-conductive silicone core and differ only in terms of the conductive surface coating. Whereas type S has a silicone layer with silver-coated copper particles to provide conductivity on the surface, type W is coated with a tin-plated or gold-plated foil. Type S also has a tinned copper foil on the bottom, which ensures solderability.

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