Tailored solutions

As an expert for  and thermal solutions, we offer tailored, customer-specific products in addition to an extensive range of standard products.

Your advantages:

  • Wide range of materials
  • Short delivery time of samples and serial parts
  • First-class quality as usual
  • Support during development and construction


Fabric over foam gaskets:

  • Custom length and cut-outs
  • Also available with electrically conductive tape
  • Chose from 4 different values of
  • Also avialable in a halogen-free version

Metal parts:

  • ( -) Contact springs and board level shields on basis of your drawing
  • Samples without tooling costs, serial quantities with very attractive tooling costs
  • Surface finishing possible at any time
  • Cut to desired length is no problem

Thermally conductive products:

  • Punched parts available according to your requirements
  • Chose between different hardnesses (Shore00)
  • Thermal conductivity between 1 and 7 W/m*K
  • Define the adhesive property of your gasket
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